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We’ve all heard the many different excuses people might have for avoiding anal play.

Whether it’s because of pain, poop, or the old favourite “I’m not gay!”

Some of you will still be curious though and might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

You should be interested, because anal play can be one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences out there. Some people even enjoy it more than regular sex!

One of the things we should get out of the way right at the start is that anyone can enjoy anal sex.

That means you too men!

Despite the concerns of many, enjoying anal sex as a man doesn’t make you gay.

Our sexuality isn’t simply defined by what we do in the bedroom but is just a definition of who we find attractive. You can be completely straight and still enjoy anal play!

Basics Of Anal Play

So, what exactly is anal play? Well, as the name would imply, it’s essentially any sexual activity you take part in which involves your anus.

All of our anuses are completely packed with sensitive nerve endings that love to be stimulated.

You can do this with your hands, a penis, tongue, or any kind of sex toy you might have already!

Both men and women can enjoy anal play because we all have the same nerves down there.

Even though some of us like larger objects, or deeper stimulation, at the end of the day we’re still enjoying exactly the same part of our bodies.

There are a couple of extra bonuses to anal play though, depending on your sex.

Women can still feel stimulation on both their vagina and G-spots, even though you won’t be directly touching them during anal stimulation.

Not only that but given the ability to penetrate both the vagina and the anus at the same time, having something in their butt can make vaginal penetration feel completely different.

It can be much tighter than usual from the extra pressure as well as touching you in a different way when the back and front objects meet.

It’s a similar story for men, but they have a completely unique part of the body that women don’t. The prostate!

This small gland between a man’s penis and bladder is near impossible to reach through traditional methods.

With anal penetration though, you can get the required depth and angle to directly stimulate your prostate.

Why would you want to? Well prostate orgasms can be some of the most intense and pleasurable experiences a man can have!

Benefits Of Anal Play

We all know that sex is good for us.

Whether it’s the exercise, a stronger immune system, increased antibodies, or even better sleep, the benefits are varied and plenty.

These don’t just apply to traditional sex though, and anal sex offers you all the same benefits and some extra ones!

One of the biggest benefit from anal play is zero risk of pregnancy!

If you normally use condoms but have ran out, then it might be the end of the night for a lot of couples. Those who are comfortable with anal play though can still have sex with zero risk of conception.

Both partners can still reach orgasm entirely through anal play too, so the evening is just as enjoyable as normal.

Another benefit everyone can enjoy is that by stimulating and using the area, your body will naturally increase blood flow in all the muscles around the area.

The increased blood flow can be great to keep everything running smoothly and can work wonders for constipation problems. Just try and wait until after you’ve finished having sex to relieve yourself!

Men often stand to gain a lot more from anal play than women. While not all women will be able to enjoy anal play enough to reach orgasm, for a man it can be just as effective as vaginal intercourse.

The anus is almost always tighter than a vagina, so putting your penis inside can be much more intense and give you some explosive orgasms.

On top of that, the pleasure a man can gain from prostate stimulation is something only they can feel, and doing it regularly contributes to being much healthier overall and maybe even preventing prostate cancer.

Increasing A Couple’s Bond With Anal Play

These days conversations about sex are more common than they ever have been.

All the time people discuss their habits and things they enjoy, and many couples are very open to trying new things in the bedroom.

Despite this acceptance, anal sex and anal play are still considered somewhat taboo and aren’t talked about nearly enough.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though and can make it even more special for the people who enjoy it.

For someone in a relationship to even bring up the idea of anal play, it can take a lot of trust and faith in the other partner to take it seriously.

Actually doing it, takes an even greater level of trust between a couple.

The person on the receiving end needs to have faith in their partner not to move too quickly or be too rough.

The one giving needs to trust their partner to communicate properly and let them know if anything is too much, and to be prepared to avoid any accidents during the session.

You will feel an extra level of tension from the extra pressure on each partner, but this can also make the pleasure that much more enjoyable!

Anal play is also a great way to spice things up in your relationship!

Over time nearly every relationship will suffer from a drop in sex drive as things become more comfortable and the things you do become more samey.

We do the same things in the same order every time because we know our partner enjoys it. Why change something that works?

When you first start exploring anal play with your partner though, it’s a completely new learning process and you need to build up from scratch again.

It can make the relationship feel just like it did at the beginning and breathe some new life into your bedroom.

Lubrication And Anal Play

Whenever you see any mention of anal sex online, you should see lubrication following closely behind.

There’s good reason for this! Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce any of its own lubrication. This means whenever you want to start inserting things, you’re going to need lube.

And we don’t mean a little saliva either! While saliva can work as an okay lubricant, it dries out extremely quickly.

It can be great for getting things into your butt but by the time you remove them it’s likely that you’ll be basically doing it dry.

You’re going to be much better off picking up a proper store-bought lubricant.

Trying to do anything anally without it is going to hurt, and many people get put off anal for life by one bad experience.

It’s also an awful lot safer to use proper lubrication.

The skin around and inside the anus is very sensitive and the friction between anything you insert (even your fingers) and your skin can cause some damage or light tears.

Not only will this hurt, but when skin is broken inside your anus you are much more likely to pick up bacteria and infections.

Using plenty of lubricant completely mitigates this risk.

Spice Up Your Anal Play with Sex Toys!

Anal sex doesn’t just have to involve penises and butts. There are a massive range of sex toys available that can take your anal play to a whole new level. These include:

  • Butt Plugs Perhaps the most prolific anal sex toy, the butt plug is a simple device that does what it says on the tin.

    By plugging the butt, you create a feeling of fullness and stretching.

    This feeling can be accompanied by traditional penetration and the extra space being filled by the plug can make everything a little bit tighter down there.

  • Anal Beads Very similar to the butt plug in design and use, but rather than one large piece, anal beads are made up by a collection of beads (shocking I know).

    When these are inserted or removed, the sphincters not only open up but are also allowed to close between each bead, creating a kind of popping sensation.

  • Prostate Massagers These ones are specifically designed for the men. A prostate massager is basically a butt plug, but it also has a bit of a curve.

    This lets it hit just the right spot in a man’s rectum to effectively stimulate the prostate.

  • Anal Vibrators Most of the time an anal vibrator will be very similar to a butt plug in design, but there’s one key difference.

    Vibration! Adding a little vibration to the mix can be great when experimenting, as it can leave your hands and fingers free to do other things.

  • Anal Hooks On the more extreme end of the spectrum, anal hooks tend to only be used by the most advanced anal adventurers.

    These are usually accompanied by some level of bondage and are used to restrict the movement of the person wearing them, leading to some interesting feelings.

  • Dildos and Strap Ons Good for men and women alike! Everyone should know what a dildo does but combining them with other parts of your sexual activity can open up some interesting options.

    One particularly interesting one is for a man to wear a dildo above or below his penis, allowing him to enter his partner both anally and vaginally simultaneously.

    You can fulfil all her threesome fantasies without actually needing a third person!

Whichever sex toy you decide to go for, you need to make sure it has a base!

We’ve all heard the horror stories of the different objects people have got stuck up their butts, and I’m sure none of you want to end up in hospital with your own anal problem.

The base is what stops things from completely entering your body.

You should also try to only pick up high quality sex toys made of non-porous materials. These are the best money can buy, and much easier to clean that other types.

Buying a lower quality toy will not only mean you’ll need to replace them more often as they get worn out, but these also can carry chemicals which are harmful to your body.

There’s a lot more to anal play than many people think at first, and hopefully by now you’re intrigued and raring to go!

Once you get the hang of it, anal play can lead to some of the most mind-blowing experiences you’ll have in the bedroom.

There’s only so much you can learn online though, so grab your partner and try it for yourself!

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