Ben Wa Balls and Sex

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With anything you’re going to insert into your vagina, the most obvious thought is always going to be whether or not you can use it during sex.

It’s time to take the mystery out of the question, and in this article we’re going to go through the ins and outs of using ben wa balls for their sex enhancing properties!

Can You Use Ben Wa Balls During Sex?

To start with the most obvious question, yes, you can use ben wa balls during sex. In fact, it’s said that some of the oldest sets of ben wa balls were worn by Japanese Geishas to improve the satisfaction of the men they were having sex with.

There are two main parts to this discussion, so we’ll go through each bit one at a time.

Ben Wa Balls Improving Sex

To understand why ben wa balls are so good for your sex life, we need to understand a little about the other reason they are used. Health.

The main medical purpose of ben wa balls, is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are a crucial part of your body, holding internal organs in place, and allowing you to use the bathroom without issue.

They form a hammock across the bottom of your core, and when in good health, you often won’t even notice that they’re there. As you age, these muscles naturally degrade, and won’t be as strong as they used to be. Other factors throughout your life can accelerate this process, such as childbirth, over-exercise, or even simply pushing too hard on the toilet.

When this happens you will notice that they’re there, especially in the bedroom!

A large function of the pelvic floor muscles is to support and control the vagina. As they age, a woman may notice that her vagina doesn’t feel quite as tight as it used to. This is often mistaken as a loosening of the vagina, but really, it’s a loosening of your pelvic floor muscles.

This has a knock on effect on your sex life, as the looseness makes sex less enjoyable, which lowers your sex drive, which makes you have sex less, and so on.

So let’s get back to ben wa balls. These magical devices help to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. When you put the balls in your vagina, it’s these muscles that hold them in place. The more you use the balls, the stronger the muscles can become.

When you return these muscles to their former strength, sex simply gets better!

You can squeeze the muscles harder, which lets your vagina “clamp down” and gives the impression that everything is much tighter. This can make sex much more enjoyable, and let you manipulate it so the penis hits all the right places.

Once sex gets better, you’re going to want to have it more, which then makes it better, and the cycle continues. This time though, it’s a good cycle!

You might also start to feel like your orgasms are better. This is a similar effect.

When you reach orgasm you’ll usually feel a pulsing coming from inside your pelvis. This is the pelvic floor contracting and spasming very quickly, as you’ve been stimulated so much the area has gone into overdrive.

As you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles two things can happen. These spasms can become much, much stronger, making your orgasms feel much more intense. The muscles can also last much longer before becoming exhausted, making your orgasms last much longer.

All these things can come as a result of simply using ben wa balls, so by improving your sex life, ben wa balls are already playing a part in sex!

Ben Wa Balls During Sex

The other aspect of ben wa balls and sex is actually using them whilst having sex.

To get the simple stuff out of the way, yes, you can have ben wa balls and a penis inside your vagina at the same time. And don’t worry men! Nothing terrible is going to happen if your penis touches them.

So you can keep them in, but do you want to? Well, that one’s a bit more of a personal choice.

If you do choose to keep the balls in, both you and your partner will feel them during sex. They will rub up against both different parts of his penis, and different parts of your vagina. You might like this, but you might not.

For people who enjoy the additional stimulation, ben wa balls during sex becomes a must. You can even turn things up further by wearing a set of vibrating ben wa balls and turning them on while being penetrated. The extra sensations could give the two of you the best night of your life!

Sometimes though, it just doesn’t do it for you. That’s completely okay, and as we’ve already discussed, they’re still helping improve your sex life anyway!

However there is one more option. You could try using ben wa balls during anal sex.

This is a completely different ball game, as the balls will be in your vagina, but the penis will be in your butt. The two will never really touch each other. There are a few reasons this is good.

First, and most obviously, there’s less in your vagina. One of the most common reasons people don’t enjoy using ben wa balls during sex is that there’s simply too much in the vagina. They don’t enjoy being stretched to fit everything in, and it ruins the sex for them.

This time though, all the vagina has to accomodate is the balls. There’s plenty of space as the penis is somewhere else. This simple change can let you actually enjoy the stimulation of your ben wa balls much more!

Secondly, the penis and the balls don’t physically touch. Some men simply don’t like it when they have their penis inside a vagina and it feels like they touch something. This is a common problem with larger penises and people who have IUDs. It’s possible that the penis can reach up and touch the strings of the IUD which is strange.

In this scenario though, the penis cannot touch the ben wa balls, so a lot of the weirdness is gone!

The final reason is that the balls will be pressing on your vagina from the inside, while the penis presses on your vagina from the outside. This can stimulate the vagina in a completely different way, and you might enjoy this a lot. So much in fact, that it might become your favourite kind of sex!

So if you want to try using ben wa balls while you have sex, then we definitely recommend it!

Can You Orgasm While Wearing Ben Wa Balls?

It’s a strange thought after all of what we’ve just discussed, but some people aren’t even sure if you can orgasm while wearing ben wa balls.

Now we know it can feel a little strange wearing ben wa balls. Especially at the beginning. So having them in may make it harder to relax, and you might not have an orgasm.

This isn’t something permanent though, and it isn’t something that affects everyone.

The vagina is perfectly capable of orgasming whilst it has ben wa balls inside, just as it can with a vibrator, dildo, penis, or pretty much anything else. The key is to just relax. Rather than focusing on the balls themselves, focus instead on the feelings that they generate.

If you can relax and enjoy yourself more, it probably won’t be long before you’re able to orgasm with your balls in.

Ben Wa Balls and Masturbation

Just as they are great for sex, ben wa balls are just as good for masturbation!

It should go without saying that all of the benefits we discussed earlier apply just as much to your vagina when masturbating. You’ll still be able to have stronger orgasms, and more enjoyable masturbation, as a result of strengthening your pelvic floor.

When it comes to actually wearing ben wa balls while you masturbate though, that’s completely up to you! We can give you all kinds of advice about what it might feel like, or why some women like it, but we’re all different. Ultimately the best thing to do is simply put them in, and give it a try.

If you do find that you enjoy using ben wa balls during masturbation, we’d thoroughly recommend trying a set of duotone balls. These are hollow balls, which contain a second, smaller ball inside them. As you masturbate, you’ll naturally move around, and this causes the inner ball to move too.

Some women describe the sensation as being similar to a vibrator, but it’s not quite the same. These balls are truly unique in their feel, and you might love them while you masturbate.

If not, there’s always vibrating ben wa balls.

So with our exploration of the sexual uses of ben wa balls complete, we hope that you might be willing to try it at some point. Or at the very least, that you aren’t scared to!

Ben Wa Balls For Couples

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