Ben Wa Balls: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls are another of those fun combinations of both sex toy and sex tool all in one! They are small spheres which are inserted into the vagina so that the vaginal muscles can clench around them. Depending on their size and shape, they are capable of stimulating either the clitoris, G-spot, sensitive inner vaginal walls, or all of the above. However, they're also a useful tool which can help exercise your vagina to make it stronger and tighter than ever before.

Are ben wa balls the same thing as yoni eggs?

No. Although ben wa balls and yoni eggs are extremely similar, they are in fact not the same thing. Both of them help to tighten and strengthen the vagina, can bring a woman a great amount of pleasure, and can be used together with Kegel exercises and vaginal weightlifting. But yoni eggs are egg-shaped and are made from various precious stones and crystals, which are used to heal and strengthen a woman's psychic aura and help her get more in touch with her vagina (aka yoni) and connection to Mother Earth and the universe that surrounds her.

Are ben wa balls the same thing as geisha balls?

Yes, geisha balls are in fact another name for ben wa balls. Where did they get this name? They are called geisha balls because they are believed to have been used by Japanese geisha to make them more skilled at the arts of pleasuring their partner. Ben wa balls used by geisha were typically made from either metal or carved jade, and were considered among their most prized possessions. They were also used by courtesans and high-ranking noblewomen in the court of the Emperor.

What are other names for ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls and geisha balls are the most common names for these unique sexual toys. However, you may also see them referred to as Kegel balls, vagina balls, vaginal exercise balls, orgasm balls, Venus balls, or rin-no-tama. Rin-no-tama is a traditional Japanese name which can mean either "cold-feeling balls" "internal use balls" or "bell-like balls". All of these names generally refer to the exact same tool, while "yoni eggs" "jade eggs" and "vagina eggs" are a different product with a different meaning entirely.

What does "ben wa" mean?

In fact, nobody is exactly sure where the name "ben wa" came from! This particular name first appeared in the 1970s, when ben wa balls first became popular in the West and were advertised for sale in women's magazines. The most common theory is that it was an attempt to Americanize the balls' traditional Japanese name, rin-no-tama, making it easier to pronounce but still retaining the unique Japanese feeling.

Why should I use ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls are truly the toy that does it all! Not only do they feel extremely pleasurable inside the vagina, especially when they collide with one another and create a sensual vibration deep within you. However, they are also beneficial for your health, as they will allow you to perform Kegel exercises and strengthen your vagina with regular use. They can be used with a partner, on your own, as foreplay, or even as a part of penetrative sex - the possibilities are absolutely endless!

Will ben wa balls make my vagina tighter?

Yes, they will! However, "tightness" does not actually refer to the size or shape of the vagina, but to the strength of the pelvic muscles which surround it. Regular ben wa ball use will strengthen the muscles of the vagina, as they become more accustomed to clenching around an object inside of them. From there, it is easy to replace a ben wa ball with any other kind of toy - OR your partner's penis! Your stronger, tighter vagina will be pleasurable for both you and whomever gets to experience the heavenly inside of your lovely pussy!

What are vibrating ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls naturally vibrate when they collide with one another inside your vagina. These vibrations feel amazing and are the source of most of the pleasure you can receive from using your ben wa balls. However, today, some modern ben wa ball designs feature an extra layer of vibration above and beyond those naturally provided. These contain small motors or engines which let them vibrate steadily while inside your pussy. The pleasure will be like nothing you've ever felt before!

What are remote control ben wa balls?

Like vibrating ben wa balls above, remote control ben wa balls are capable of vibrating on their own due to the presence of a small motor inside of them. However, rather than vibrating when a string is pulled or a button is pushed, they are controlled by a remote held by yourself or another person. The remote can be used to adjust the speed, frequency and intensity of the vibrations. This is extremely sexy as it can allow your partner to control your ben wa balls while they are deep inside of you!

What are ben wa balls made of?

Originally, ancient ben wa balls used in Japan and China were made out of carved jade, solid metal, or hollow metal filled with liquid mercury. However, today, there are three common materials used to make ben wa balls. Silicone is the most popular and is seen the most frequently here in our Lovegasm catalog. You can also find elegant glass ben wa balls and shiny stainless steel ones which are designed to imitate the traditional metal ben wa balls of old.

What are the benefits of silicone ben wa balls?

Silicone is a soft, comfortable material which has been compared in sensation to human skin. It adjusts easily to surrounding temperatures, becoming just as warm as the sensitive inner walls of your vagina. Because silicone is so comfortable, it is considered the easiest material to get used to for newbies who have never tried out a ben wa ball before. If you are purchasing your first ever ben wa ball, you cannot go wrong with silicone!

What are the benefits of metal ben wa balls?

Unlike the warmth of silicone, metal ben wa balls - typically made from stainless steel - are cool and slick, providing a unique, contrasting sensation against the heated flesh deep inside of you. Plus, the hardness of the metal teaches you how to clench your muscles extra-strong in order to hold such a firm material inside of you. If you are looking for an intense Kegel training experience, then stainless steel ben wa balls are the way to go.

What are the benefits of glass ben wa balls?

Glass ben wa balls are primarily inspired by another type of vagina-focused sex toy - yoni eggs. This means that they are designed primarily for the aesthetics, and are meant to appear beautiful as well as feeling good when you insert them into your pussy. They feature a beautiful range of delicate colors as well as gentle, beautiful patterns such as flowers or sparkles. You will become more attuned to the beauty of your own vagina as you decorate it with equally beautiful accessories.

What colors do ben wa balls come in?

Today, ben wa balls are available in practically every color of the rainbow. Although stainless steel and glass ben wa balls are typically found in "standard" silver or black colors, silicone opens up the opportunity to use bright, eye-catching colors. Currently, pink is the most popular color for ben wa balls here on Lovegasm, although our catalog also feature balls in blue, red, purple, white, and many other gorgeous shades!

What shapes do ben wa balls come in?

Did you know that you are no longer limited to the "traditional" round, orb-like shape of the ben wa ball? Because you most definitely are not! Today, ben wa balls come in a wide variety of fun, exciting shapes to make your vagina-pleasuring experience even more unique and personalized. From simple eggs to gorgeous flower, fruit and animal-inspired ben wa balls, feel free to purchase whatever balls you desire! We definitely recommend the tongue-shaped ones - they're perfect for reaching that sneaky little G-spot!

Why is there a string attached to my ben wa balls?

Most sets of modern ben wa balls are attached to a string or set of strings rather than simply being sold on their own. This is to make the ben wa balls much easier and safer to insert and remove from your body. When you put the ben wa balls into your vagina, you can leave the string dangling downward and passing through your pussy lips. That way, when it comes time to remove the ball, you only need to tug on the string and it will slide gently out - no need to go digging around inside yourself with your fingers!

How do I put in a ben wa ball?

Inserting a ben wa ball is an extremely simple process which has been compared to inserting a small vibrator (such as an egg or bullet) or even a tampon. Simply use your fingers to gently maneuver the balls into place, resting them against your G-spot or inner walls depending on your preference. Don't be afraid to use your fingers to adjust the balls as much as possible. You can squat or lay in front of a mirror if you are having trouble flying blind and need a little visible assistance!

How do I take out a ben wa ball?

Today, you can remove most ben wa balls simply by tugging on the attached string or cord. Pull gently and slowly and the ben wa balls will simply slide right out of your soaking wet pussy. However, if you choose a ben wa ball which doesn't feature a string, you can use your fingers to grasp and remove them similar to the insertion process as described above. Once again, they should slip cleanly out with no issues at all.

How long can I wear ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls are extremely safe and healthy and can be worn for long periods of time without having to worry about any damage, pain or discomfort. Many women have reported being able to wear ben wa balls all day or even all night without suffering any negative side effects. Just make sure to take occasional breaks so that your muscles don't cramp up too much!

Can I wear ben wa balls in public?

Yes, you can! As long as the string or cord is safely tucked away and out of sight, there is absolutely no reason why you can't rock your ben wa balls out in public. They're sneaky, subtle toys which can be hidden away beneath your clothing without anyone you encounter ever becoming the wiser. Just be careful not to moan or shiver too much as you get closer to orgasm!

What kind of underwear should I wear with ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls can comfortably be worn with any kind of underwear whatsoever. It is generally recommended that you avoid "going commando" with your balls inserted, as this can lead to the string hanging out and becoming uncomfortably visible. If your ben wa balls make you feel extra sexy, why not try out a flirty pair of panties or a nice skimpy thong? It will leave you feeling great about yourself all day long!

Will ben wa balls make sex better for me?

Yes, they will! Using ben wa balls will make your vagina stronger and you will be able to exercise a greater amount of control over your muscles during sex. This will allow you to clench, grasp and loosen up as needed while you are intensely fucking your partner. In addition, you might even be able to have more orgasms than ever before due to your increased muscular control! Plus, you can keep the ben wa balls inside you while your partner penetrates you with their cock or a toy for an extra-stuffed, completely-full feeling!

Will ben wa balls make sex better for my partner?

Yes, then can! Ask absolutely anybody with a penis, and they will rhapsodize about the feeling of a tight pussy clenching down around their most sensitive organ. Your ben wa ball exercises will give you the ability to pleasure your partner with the tightness and strong grip that they have been desiring. Just drop a hint to your partner that you've been using ben wa balls and doing your Kegels, and watch how eagerly they hop into bed with you!

Can you masturbate using ben wa balls?

Yes, you can! Ben wa balls are capable of producing sensuous vibrations which set the inner walls of your pussy shaking and trembling. You can even put one ben wa ball inside of you while using another to stimulate your clitoris. Another fun suggestion is to try pulling the string in and out, similar to how anal beads are used in the ass - it will send you rocketing towards the heights of ultimate pleasure.

Can you have an orgasm while using ben wa balls?

Absolutely! The combination of vibrations, G-spot and clitoral stimulation, and feeling your pussy stuffed extra-full will send you to the highest peak of absolute orgasmic pleasure. Almost every single woman who has ever used a ben wa ball has reported that they have been able to use it to bring themselves to a crashing orgasm.

Can ben wa balls stimulate the clitoris?

While ben wa balls are primarily intended for internal use, this does not necessarily mean that they can't be used for external purposes as well. The erotic vibrations produced by a modern vibrating ben wa ball feel just as good against the clit as they do against the G-spot or pussy walls. Hold a ben wa ball firmly against your clit and feel the pleasure coursing through your entire body!

Can ben wa balls stimulate the G-spot?

Yes, they can! Use the string or cord to push the ben wa balls deep inside your vagina, and before you know it you'll be feeling those vibrations pressing against that oh-so-special spot on your inner walls. Adjust the ben wa balls using your fingers until they are lying firmly against your G-spot, and let the vibrations flow through you. You might just find your orgasm arriving sooner than expected!

Can I use ben wa balls as foreplay?

Yes! Have your partner watch you while you insert and remove the ben wa balls and slowly pleasure yourself. They can even watch you do your Kegel exercises if they are turned on by how strong your vagina has become. Plus, you can always have your partner use the ben wa balls on you as well - that is a perfect strategy for getting both of you into the mood!

Can I use ben wa balls during sex?

Of course! Many women have reported that they are able to accept a penis or toy such as a dildo inside of them while they also have ben wa balls inserted. This is once again due to the greater strength and muscle control which ben wa balls give your pelvic floor area. The feeling of being "doubly penetrated" like this has been described as a one of a kind stuffed-full sensation which brings both partners quickly to orgasm!

Can I use vaginal weights together with my ben wa balls?

If your ben wa balls feature a string, then you can. Strings which hang outside of your vagina can be used to attach to vaginal weights to make your Kegel exercise sessions even more intense than before. Your vagina will get stronger even faster! However, you should not attach vaginal weights to any set of ben wa balls which does not come with a string, as this will be extremely uncomfortable as well as a not particularly effective strategy.

How much weight can I lift with my vagina?

You should always stick to vaginal weights made by sex toy manufacturers, which usually range from between half a pound to one or even two pounds. You should never use "DIY" weights that are heavier than the official weights which are available, as these can cause your pelvic floor muscles to cramp and become sore. Plus, you should always start small and work up slowly to greater weights to avoid straining your muscles too much.

Can my partner use ben wa balls on me?

Yes, they can! Your partner can use the string to pull ben wa balls in and out of your vagina, causing you to experience an extreme feeling of pleasure as they do so. This is a great way for your partner to get up-close and well-acquainted with your vagina, getting you guys both ready and in the mood for other activities such as penetrative sex which might occur later.

Can I use ben wa balls in my anus?

Technically, you can. Usually, ben wa balls are intended for vaginal use, and should not be used in the anus. However, this is not because inserting toys inside the anus is not pleasurable. Rather, it is because you should always strive to avoid cross-contamination between the anus and the vagina, as anal bacteria can cause yeast infections and other vaginal irritations. If you wish to use ben wa balls in your anus, you should purchase a specific set for that use that always remains separate from your vaginal balls.

Can men use ben wa balls?

Technically, men can use ben wa balls if they so desire. However, many men who have tried this out feel as though this is not a satisfying experience, because their pelvic floor muscles do not really strengthen anally and also because they are fairly small and do not provide as much of a satisfying stretch for the walls of your asshole. Some men enjoy ben wa balls, while others prefer to stick with larger toys such as vibrating butt plugs or prostate massagers.

Are there ben wall balls for men?

While ben wa balls are specifically marketed towards women, there are alternatives for men which have been described as providing a similar experience. Probably the closest alternative are anal beads, which are designed to feel good both when they are being inserted and being removed, and can be pulled and tugged on while they are inside the ass. For vibrating sensations such as those provided by ben wa balls, both prostate massagers and vibrating butt plugs work as a similar equivalent.

Do ben wa balls hurt?

No, they do not! Ben wa balls are extremely comfortable and completely safe to use, and generally do not cause any pain when they are used. However, there is one exception which you should be careful of when you are first starting out with ben wa ball use. When doing Kegel exercises, you should start slow and work up to longer and more intense workouts. Going too hard too quickly can result in your pelvic floor muscles cramping and becoming sore and strained.

Are ben wa balls safe?

Yes, they are! Ben wa balls are made of healthy, body-safe materials such as sterile silicone and medical-grade stainless steel. They are attached to strings and cords so that they are able to be carefully and safely removed from the vagina. Plus, the smooth, round shapes of the balls have no sharp edges and do not rub, chafe or cut your vagina in any way. There are absolutely no health risks associated with using ben wa balls at all!

Can ben wa balls fall out?

If you have never used a set of ben wa balls before, then you may find them falling out the first couple of times that you use them. Don't panic - this is completely normal, and many women experience it! This is because your vaginal muscles (aka Kegel muscles) may not yet be strong enough to hold the ben wa balls inside of you, especially if you have chosen a smaller size. However, with practice, you will be able to overcome this difficulty and keep your ben wa balls snugly inside of you with ease!

Can ben wa balls get stuck?

No, they cannot. Ben wa balls are specifically intended to be easily inserted into and removed from the vagina. This is why so many of them are attached by strings or cords which dangle outside of the vagina while the balls are in use. It is highly unlikely that your ben wa balls will ever get stuck inside your vagina during your experience. If they do, this usually indicates that your Kegel muscles are cramped or overly tense, and the balls should be removed immediately to give those muscles a break.

Can ben wa balls cause permanent damage?

No, they cannot! Ben wa balls are smooth, safe and made from materials that do not damage the body in any way. On the other hand, they will produce beneficial effects such as strengthening your vaginal muscles and making sex more pleasurable for both you and your partner. These benefits can be long-term and even permanent if you make ben wa balls a part of your routine.

Where did ben wa balls come from?

Ben wa balls originated in the courts of ancient China and Japan. They were used by courtesans, geisha, and noble women - up to and including consorts of the Emperor! They were used to train the vagina, just as they are today, so that these women could become more skilled in the sexual arts and be more likely to attract a rich noble husband or lover. The ability to use ben wa balls was a sigh of both status and sexual skill in ancient times.

When were the first ben wa balls used?

We do not actually know! There are many stories and records of ancient ben wa ball use by women in China and Japan, but historians are not exactly sure which of those are true and which are merely myths. Therefore, nobody has been able to establish a specific date when the use of ben wa balls began - we don't have anything more specific to explain beyond "a long time ago"!

How do you clean your ben wa balls?

Like most sex toys, ben wa balls can easily be cleaned with a simple application of a few common household supplies: warm water, a sturdy washcloth or rag, and a gentle, ideally unscented soap or cleaner. Wash the ben wa balls thoroughly and then allow them to air-dry before using them again. Do not under any circumstances put your ben wa balls into the dishwasher, washing machine or any other mechanical method of cleaning, as this can result in some damage to their structural integrity.

What should be avoided when cleaning my ben wa balls?

Similar to other sex toys which are designed for internal use, ben wa balls should never be cleaned with any chemicals or harsh cleaners that would be potentially toxic or damaging to the vagina. Stick to gentle, ideally unscented soaps and cleaners - if you aren't quite sure where to look in the store, anything marked as safe for use on infants or children is generally recommended. Additionally, silicone ben wa balls should not be cleaned using any oils or liquids containing silicone, as this can cause damage to the silicone surface of the ball.

How should I store my ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls should always be stored somewhere extremely clean, dry, and bacteria-free. The vagina is a very sensitive environment, and is susceptible to irritation or infection if exposed to any foreign invaders. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a good storage location for your ben wa balls. One solid recommendation is a sealed plastic tub or zippered toiletry bag that is kept in your bathroom or another clean, sterile environment.

What should I do if my ben wa balls become damaged?

If you notice any damage to your ben wa balls - including but not limited to permanent stains, cracks, chips in the surface, rust or mold - then it is time to stop using that pair of ben wa balls and purchase a new one. You should not risk the health of your vagina by continuing to use damaged ben wa balls which can serve as an avenue for lots of nasty bacteria to enter your most sensitive area. Head on over to the Lovegasm catalog and pick out a brand new pair of ben wa balls today!

Do I need to use lube with my ben wa balls?

This is an individual question which will vary between each and every woman. Some women find that they produce enough "natural lubrication" from their vagina to not need any artificial lubrication when inserting their ben wa balls. However, other women prefer the extra-slick feeling which arises when they use additional lube on top of what their body produces. Natural water- or silicone-based sexual lubricants are generally recommended with absolutely any sex toy.

Can I pee or poop while wearing ben wa balls?

Ben wa balls do not block the asshole or the urethra, which means that you can release urine or feces safely even with your ben wa balls inserted into your vagina. However, the clenching and pushing (aka 'bearing down') motions produced by your muscles when using the bathroom may cause your ben wa balls to slip out and need re-inserting. If you are worried about this happening, take a break from your ben wa balls and remove them while using the bathroom and re-insert them after you are done.

Can I use ben wa balls while on my period?

This is a personal decision which each woman will have to make for herself. Some women find that using ben wa balls during their period provides a good distraction from the cramps and discomfort associated with their particular time of month. However, other women dislike the additional cleaning required when allowing your ben wa balls to become stained with blood. If you aren't sure which camp you fall into, try wearing your ben wa balls on a "light flow" day and see how it feels and whether or not you like it.

Can I use ben wa balls if I have a yeast infection?

No. If you are suffering from any vagina-related illness or complication, such as yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis (BV), and others, you should take a break from wearing your ben wa balls until you are healed. This will give your vagina a chance to "air out" and fight the infection on its own, and will not give nasty bacteria a chance to re-infect you by clinging to the surface of your ben wa balls.

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