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When it’s finally time to decide on your own set of ben wa balls, you’ll have quite a few decisions to make. There are numerous different types, sizes, weights and materials available. This leads to a staggering number of combinations!

To help make the decision a little bit easier, we’ve put together this short guide on how to choose the perfect set of ben wa balls.

Which Kind of Ben Wa Balls Should You Get?

When choosing a style for your set of ben wa balls, there’s one specific thing which can help guide your decision. What do you plan on using them for?

Obviously all ben wa balls are used for basically the same thing; being inserted into the vagina. But there are two main reasons a woman might want to do this.

The first, is simply sexual pleasure. Ben wa balls can provide a completely new kind of stimulation that a woman might not have felt before. You can choose duotone or vibrating models, which make it even easier to reach orgasm. You might want a set that you can wear while having sex, to give you and your partner some unique sensations. You might even be looking for a long distance set, which can be operated from many hundreds of miles away by your partner.

The other reason to use ben wa balls is to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This group of muscles make up a large chunk of your body’s core, and help to support all of the lower internal organs in your body.

As time goes on, most people suffer from a weakening of the pelvic floor, which can lead to many different health issues. To combat this, you can work on training and strengthening these muscles, with different exercises and devices. Ben wa balls are one of these devices, and wearing them can greatly enhance your pelvic floor training.

Once you’ve identified your reasons for using them, you should have a much narrower selection of ben wa balls to choose from. From there on, it’s simply down to personal taste!

Which Size Ben Wa Balls Should You Get?

The ideal size ben wa balls for you aren’t likely to be the same as someone else. There’s not really a rule that fits everyone. For most people finding the ideal ben wa balls will mean you might need to try a few different ones first.

We can give some general advice to help you find the perfect set faster though.

One good tip is to consider is comparing ben wa balls to any other sex toys you’ve used before, tampons, or even a penis. Ben wa balls will have a diameter, which you can compare to other things you’ve inserted to get a rough idea of how it will fit.

Most of the time though, inserting the ben wa balls shouldn’t be a major problem. Size will play more of a factor when wearing them.

Unlike many other sex toys, with ben wa balls you don’t simply use larger versions as you get more experienced. It’s actually the opposite!

Larger ben wa balls have a much larger surface area, which gives your pelvic floor muscles much more to grip on to. This actually means the larger balls are much easier for beginners to use!

As your pelvic floor becomes stronger, you might find it much easier to hold your balls inside your body. If you want more of a challenge, this is the time to work your way onto smaller and smaller balls.

Of course when it comes to pleasure, it’s completely up to you! Use whichever size ben wa ball feels the most enjoyable.

As a general guide though, you can usually group ben wa balls into three size groups. Larger balls are usually anything over 33mm in diameter. Small balls tend to be under 30mm in diameter. Everything in between is usually a medium!

Once you know roughly which category you’re looking for, you can start to narrow down your choices and find a set that are the perfect size for you.

How Heavy Should Your Ben Wa Balls Be?

The weight of your ben wa ball will mostly be determined by what you use them for. Each brand and line of ben wa balls can be a different weight, and all of our bodies are different. This means what might be the ideal set of ben wa balls for most people you know could be much too heavy for you!

When using them for pelvic floor training, you will want to start with a lighter set of ben wa balls. If the muscles are weak, you might find it difficult to keep heavier balls in even for just a few minutes. Once you’ve strengthened the muscles a bit, you can work your way to larger and larger balls until you are satisfied that your muscles are nice and healthy.

If you’re choosing to wear your ben wa balls at work, in public, or anywhere else that will require a lot of movement, you should usually go for something a little lighter. You will likely be wearing them for a lot longer in these situations, and heavier balls will tire your muscles out a lot quicker.

If pleasure is your only goal though, you can once again go for whichever set feels the best!

As you decide which set of balls to buy, you might find that weight is a particular sticking point for you. You just can’t figure out which set to go for. In this case, we’d recommend getting a set with adjustable weights. That way you can experiment with different weights and find out what works best for you!

Which Material Should You Choose?

There are a few different materials available when choosing a set of ben wa balls.

For the most part, you can choose whichever set you prefer. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We would always recommend choosing a non-porous material where possible though.

Non-porous materials have very small pores, which makes it impossible for bacteria to get into the surface of the material. This means they are much safer, and much easier to keep clean.

Porous materials have much larger pores, and bacteria can find its way completely inside the material. No matter how much you clean them, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be able to remove all of the bacteria, and this problem just gets worse over time.

Silicone is probably the most common material you’ll find. These tend to feel a little warmer when they touch your skin, are a little softer, and a bit easier to grip with your muscles.

Glass and metal balls are very similar, staying cold until they’ve been in your body for a little while, are quite hard, and feel a bit more slippery than silicone balls.

A glass set of ben wa balls does have a large benefit over a metal set though. As glass is transparent, glass balls will often feature intricate designs or patterns inside them. If you’re someone who wants your balls to look as great as they feel, glass is a great choice!

Some ben wa balls can be made of hard plastic. These are kind of a middle ground between silicone and glass/steel, as they are fairly hard, and fairly good at warming up. Plastic is often slightly porous though, so we advise caution when using these kinds of ben wa balls.

Another interesting material that you may like to try is crystal. While these are more commonly used to make yoni eggs, there are many examples of ben wa balls being made of all kinds of precious stones. The idea behind this is that each of these crystals contain energies which can be dispersed into your body, to help with various emotional or spiritual problems.

If you’re interested in exploring the spiritual side of these materials, we have a guide to the many different kinds of crystal available that you should check out.

Most other materials are porous, which means bacteria is able to get inside the surface of them. We recommend buying non-porous ben wa balls as they are much easier to keep clean, and safer overall.

We hope these points can help make the process of deciding which ben wa balls to buy a little easier. As long as you think carefully about what you want to get from them, and how you intend to use them, you should be able to come up with an ideal choice quite easily. Simply work through these points one by one, and by the time you reach the end you should have a much smaller list of choices to make a final decision from!

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