Homemade Sex Toys for Women

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Here's something that would probably shock some women out there: did you know that you can make your own sex toys at home?

Yes, you heard that right!

You can actually come up with a DIY sex toy in the comfort of your own home.

There are plenty of reasons why some women would opt to make their own toys.

It could range from them trying to save some money, being too shy to get a sex toy for themselves or they just want to get their creative juices out. Regardless of the reasons why, one thing is clear - there are actually things in your home that you can use to bring yourself the much-needed pleasure that you deserve.

Not Just for Your Home...

If you look around the house, you will see plenty of stuff that you can use as a sex toy. Search for these handy things inside your home and make the most out of them today!

Hair Brush

If there's one item that you can find in the house that you can easily use without any fuss at all, it's the ever-reliable hairbrush!

This is the perfect tool for those who are just beginning to use sex toys for pleasure.

When it comes to hairbrushes, you have plenty of options to choose from as it comes in different sizes and shapes.

Before using the brush, make sure you wrap the handle with a condom for your safety and protection.

Electric Toothbrush

There's more to your electric toothbrush than keeping your pearly whites clean! With the vibrations that you get when you turn the toothbrush on, it becomes a sex toy!

You can use the smooth or back side of the electric toothbrush and make yourself an instant vibrator!

Back Massager

If you have a back massager lying around the house, perhaps you can find a new way to use it!

Are you familiar with the pretty famous Hitachi massager? Well, now you can make your own version right in your home!

Explore the various vibration patterns and angles that the back massager has and discover new and exciting sensations.


What's long, hard and phallic shaped?

Well, you are probably looking at the vegetables in your fridge!

Girthy fruits and vegetables are some of the things you can find in the kitchen that you can use as sex toys! These types are the ideal ones as they come in various sizes and their firmness is perfect for solo or couple play.

Our faves include carrots, zucchini, eggplants, and cucumbers!

Shower Head

If you are looking for a water-based homemade sex toy, all you have to do is hop into the shower!

In case you haven't used tried it yet, your detachable or hand-held shower head can be used as a masturbating tool.

To maximize the pleasures that a shower head can give you, make sure you directly position the head on your clitoris. You can then try adjusting the spray settings and the water pressure.

The more you use this, the more acquainted you will be to the ability of your shower head to make you orgasm!

Electric Razor

A word of caution before using this as a homemade sex toy: do not use the side with the blade (well not unless you are into blood and gore).

With the electric razor, what you are after is its vibration!

If there is an option to remove the blade, make sure you do so before each use.

Once you've got the safety precautions out of the way, hold the razor's handle against your clitoris and turn it on! With its vibrations, you now have a makeshift vibrator!

Take Sex Toy Safety Seriously…

At first, glance, using homemade sex toys might sound unorthodox. However, we know when used safely and correctly, these everyday items can do the job!

Before you enjoy all the pleasures that these homemade sex toys have to offer, remember to take some of these safety reminders by heart:

  • Always use a condom over items that will penetrate your vagina or anus.
  • Make sure that the toys do not have any sharp or jagged parts.
  • Be careful. Nothing should split, crack or disintegrate inside of you!
  • Never let items that rely on electric current inside you or near the water (not unless you want to have a burned hoo-ha).

These reminders might sound pretty simple but just like most things we do in life, we should be thinking of our wellbeing first and foremost!

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