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If you’ve read about all the benefits you can enjoy from simply using a yoni, you might be ready to get one of your own. But there are so many different ones to choose from!

We’ve put together this short guide to talk about the different types of yoni egg you can purchase, to help you make a decision.

Yoni Egg Designs

One of the most interesting aspects of yoni eggs, is that they all look completely different!

Even when you place two eggs made of the same crystal side by side, you might notice differences in:

  • The shade or colour of the egg.
  • Whether the surface is smooth, or appears to have cracks or lines within it.
  • How shiny or dull the stone is.
  • Whether it is one solid colour, or a variety of different shades mixing together.
  • And much more.

Once you’ve actually decided which crystal you’re going to use, there’s still a lot of choice so you’re bound to find something that you think looks great. You’ll want to take your time with this, as most people tend to bond with their crystal over time. Make sure to pick something you’re going to be happy with in the future too!

Drilled Yoni Eggs

While nearly all yoni eggs are the same, simple egg shape, there’s one key decision that you’ll still need to make. Do you want a drilled egg, or an undrilled egg?

If you choose the undrilled option, the entire surface of the egg will be completely smooth. When you put it in your vagina though, there will be nothing connected to it.

This can be a worry for some, so picking up a drilled egg will allow you to add a piece of string to it. Most of the time, this simply means there will be a single, small hole that runs from one side of the egg to the other. It’s usually placed at the top.

By putting string through this hole, and tying it, you give yourself an effective and easy method to pull the egg back out of your body. However this comes at the small price of needing to take extra care when cleaning your egg. The drilled hole can be a great place for bacteria to build up, so pay extra attention when cleaning.

Yoni Egg Sizes

Almost all yoni eggs will come in one of three sizes. Small, medium or large.

While there are no specific rules on what these sizes mean, most people accept the following sizes:

  • Small: 25x35mm approx.
  • Medium: 30x45mm approx.
  • Large: 35x50mm approx.

Contrary to most people’s first instinct, you don’t go from smaller to larger as you use them. You do the opposite!

The larger eggs have a much larger surface area, which gives your vaginal muscles much more to grip onto. This means that for beginners, it’s much easier to hold in a large egg. Once you’ve become comfortable with your large egg, you can start to move onto smaller sizes.

Yoni Wand

A yoni wand is one of the few styles of yoni egg that aren’t actually egg shaped. They also aren’t really yoni eggs. They’re more of a yoni egg/dildo hybrid, basically resembling a dildo made out of a crystal.

Yoni wands are commonly around 7 inches long (although different sizes are available), which means that you can’t comfortably insert them into the vagina and hold them in place. Instead, you use them much more like a traditional sex toy.

As they are still made from precious stones though, yoni wands still carry many of the same spiritual and psychological benefits that their egg cousins do too.

Yoni Stone

Another term you might see while looking at the available choices of yoni eggs is a yoni stone. A yoni stone is exactly the same thing as a yoni egg, and the terms are often used interchangeably, or at the same time.

Yoni Steam

Yoni steams are again something that aren’t really yoni eggs, but are somewhat related.

A yoni steam involves using various herbs to steam the vagina, achieving numerous different benefits. This is similar to using certain crystals for different purposes in yoni eggs, but instead you choose the combination of herbs to achieve your desired effect.

Yoni Crystals

The most important consideration you’re going to make when looking at the types of yoni eggs though, will ultimately come down to the crystal. There are a whole host of different crystals out there to choose from, each with their own benefits and purposes.

Traditionally, the most common crystals are:

  • Jade: Jade eggs are undoubtedly the most popular form of yoni eggs, and some people even mistakenly refer to the entire selection as different types of jade egg! These stones emit a light, healing energy that is said to help purify the body, heal wounds easier, and balance the user’s state of mind.

    Due to these properties, jade eggs are also commonly the ones recommended to people who are more focused on training and strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. Some even believe jade has been used in this fashion for thousands of years!

  • Obsidian (Black Obsidian): This crystal is the same one most commonly used in crystal balls, as it is said to be the stone of truth. It helps to reveal mysteries and achieve clarity when making decisions.

    Another property commonly attributed to obsidian is that it is able to tap into your negative emotions, and slowly absorb the negative energies. This makes obsidian yoni eggs an ideal choice for people looking to recover from trauma, or dealing with difficult negative feelings.

  • Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is the final stone which is commonly used in yoni eggs. It’s commonly known as the heart-healing crystal, and is often linked to matters of love and romance.

    People often use rose quartz to help them recover from heartache, or difficult breakups. Or if they are currently looking to start a relationship, or open themselves up to more love, this stone is said to help.

While these are just three of the most commonly used yoni crystals, there are many, many more options. For more information on the types of crystals available, check out our guide here.

We hope this clears up some of the mystery surrounding the different types of yoni eggs. In reality, there’s very little to consider outside of the crystal, and whether or not you want it drilled. All the other terms and types you come across are usually different products being confused for yoni eggs!

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