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When buying a yoni egg, you need to carefully consider which crystal will be the yoni made out of. There are many different crystals to choose from, each with their own energies and benefits to your body.

Even after you’ve chosen a crystal, you need to properly prepare and bond with it in order to get the most out of it.

Crystals Used In Yoni Eggs

If you ever spend much time looking into yoni eggs, you’ll quickly be able to see that a large number of different crystals are used to make them. Each crystal used by reputable manufacturers is completely body safe, meaning there is no danger to you when you insert it.

A sizable selection still remains though, and along with looking beautiful, each of these crystals has their own unique auras and powers. The benefits you want to feel from your egg will play a large role in deciding which crystal you want to use.

Choosing the Right Crystal For Your Body

To choose the right crystal for your body, you’ll first need to think about what you want from it. Some people simply choose the one they think looks the best, and might even display it proudly in their home.

For may people though, yoni eggs are much more than simple, vaginal weights. These stones have a more spiritual meaning, tying into many ancient Taoist beliefs.

By using a particular crystal, you are able to unleash the inner energy into your body, which can help in all kinds of ways. Some stones carry healing power, which can speed recovery or help with health problems. While others are able to absorb negative emotions, helping to reduce stress or heartbreak.

You can even consider the chakras of ancient religions, which are found throughout the center of your body. Different crystals resonate with different chakras, allowing you to tap into them or influence them.

Carefully consider the choice of crystal, as you will need to bond with it over time to tap into its full power. If you feel drawn to a certain crystal then you should usually follow your instincts, or try to pick something that you feel will help you in your life.

Yoni Crystals for Cleansing

One common property sought in yoni crystals is their ability to cleanse the body of negative emotions. By wearing the stone, it’s inner power helps to absorb or expel these emotions, or simply overwhelm them with better feelings.

Obsidian is perhaps the most prolific of these stones, usually being a sleek and solid black. This darkness is a void into which many negative feelings can pour into the stone and be removed from your body.

Carnelian can fulfill a similar role, particularly in more erratic minds. It can help improve your focus, deal with negative emotions such as fear, and even help to physically cleanse your body during a detox.

Slightly more spiritually, Tiger’s Eye eggs can help to cleanse your body of negative karma, helping to restore balance and harmony within your body. Once balanced, you can go onto make decisions with a much clearer head, and work towards maintaining this balance.

Even if you feel bogged down by things we haven’t mentioned here, there’s crystals out there to deal with all kinds of feelings and emotions. To help yourself become free of these, spend some time looking for other cleansing yoni crystals and find the perfect one for you!

Yoni Crystals for Healing

Alongside cleansing, the healing properties of crystals are often in high demand. Releasing the power within these stones can soothe pain, and help your body to heal physical wounds faster. Some can even help with old injuries, helping people regain their health after traditional medicine has failed!

As the most common yoni crystal, Jade is also the most common crystal chosen for it’s healing properties. This stone is a wonder, being able to help with healing in almost any part of your body. It is particularly strong in the abdominal area though, as this is where it’s healing energy is most potent.

Rose quartz is also frequently desired as a healing stone, thanks its powerful bond with the heart. Using this crystal can help with heartbreak emotionally, but also physically, as it strengthens the muscles in and around the heart. This simple act can have a massive impact on your body, as circulation improves and with it, general health.

Some stones have much more specific areas of the body, such as Labradorite. This stone is particularly good at healing the lungs, and can help to clear up illnesses such as cold or flu. It also helps your ability to breathe deeply, which can help you if you suffer shortness of breath.

Toxic Crystals You Should Avoid

While nearly all crystals are beautiful, and look fantastic when made into yoni eggs, some should remain as simple decorations. These are toxic yoni eggs, and inserting them into your body can pose some risk to your health.

Many chemicals can be released from these stones, and some are even prone to rusting as the moisture from your body touches them.

It’s important to thoroughly research your chosen stone before buying, as there are no clear rules on which stones are safe and which aren’t.

Some are safe favourites, such as jade, obsidian, or rose quartz. More exotic crystals though are more difficult, as some people view them as unsafe and some think they are safe. Carefully consider all the information and decide which you wish to use.

Clearing/Cleansing Your Crystal

Before you start using a new yoni egg, you’re going to need to prepare it. The first stage of this, is to clear or cleanse your egg.

Cleansing allows any negative energies the egg has picked up before reaching you to be removed, leaving only the crystals naturally energy behind.

How you cleanse your egg is up to you, but some ways include:

  • Bathing your egg in running natural water (streams/ocean).
  • Burying it within the earth.
  • Lighting or rubbing incense (particularly sage) on the egg. This also cleanses the space.
  • Praying or meditating with your egg.
  • Using other crystals to cleanse your egg.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll effectively be washing the negative emotions out of the egg, and allowing them to disperse into the surroundings.

Clearing your egg isn’t something you should just do once though! As you use your egg, your own negative emotions will slowly accumulate inside the egg. This will dampen the spiritual energy of your egg.

Regular cleansing should be done to maximise the effect of your chosen crystal.

Charging Your Crystal

While all crystals retain their natural energy, after cleansing your egg you can charge it to make it even more powerful.

Think about it like a sponge. By cleansing you’ve squeezed all the dirty water out of the sponge. Now you can fill it up with powerful positive water.

The most common way to charge a crystal is by bathing it in either sunlight or moonlight. These giant natural batteries fill the egg with their power, amplifying the natural properties of each crystal.

You can also charge your egg in water, earth or wind. Pretty much any natural energy source that allows the power of the earth to be absorbed by your egg!

Bonding With Your Crystal

Once you’ve charged your crystal, the last thing you need to do is to build your bond with it. This is the most important part of the process, as when your crystal and your body are in perfect sync, the powers of each egg are much, much stronger.

How you bond with your egg is completely up to you! Some people like to hold their egg and pray, meditate with it, or even sleep with it. You bond will build up over time if you keep using the same egg, but starting to build this bond early can help you enjoy your egg much more at the start.

Best Crystal For Everyday Use

If you’re not looking for something specific, and instead want to get a crystal you can use everyday, then you can’t go wrong with green Jade eggs.

These eggs are unparalleled for their ability to tap into both your body and your mind. Jade brings these two things into focus, helping to stabilise all of your emotions. At the same time, it amplifies the positive aspects of your personality, helping to build confidence, courageous, or other similar things.

These Jade crystals can also help with physical healing in any part of your body. This makes them a firm choice for an egg you can use everyday.

Are Crystals Against Religion?

Tapping into a mystical power and letting it out inside your own body can sound worrying at times, particularly if you follow any religious teachings.

It doesn’t matter which religion you follow though, you can still take advantages of these great crystals! All of them are completely natural, and their energy and power comes from the earth around us. All religions believe that the earth is a gift in some sense or another, and using that gift to promote our own wellbeing sits very nicely next to the other teachings of most religions.

If you have any worries about this, discuss it with other followers of your religion, or spend some time searching online. Chances are, you’ll find someone who follows your religion and uses yoni eggs. Nothing ill will have befallen them, so you’ll be able to get some first hand advice about using your eggs!

Choose Your First Egg Today!

We hope that by now, you have a slightly deeper understanding of how to decide which kind of yoni egg to use. Now you should be able to look in detail at the different crystals, and decide which one aligns most closely with your goals.

Once you’ve made a decision, head over to our store to browse our massive range of high-quality, body safe yoni eggs!

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