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Almost any time that someone is thinking about inserting something into their body, there’s usually a thought in the back of their mind. Is this really safe?

This thought is just as relevant with yoni eggs, and it’s important to know how to use them safely to avoid any damage to your body. This guide aims to cover everything you need to know about staying safe with yoni eggs.

Are Yoni Eggs Safe?

The use of yoni eggs has been found around the world for thousands of years. If there were any major dangers to using yoni eggs, we would likely know about them by now. With nothing substantial to worry about though, the vast majority of people can use yoni eggs without issue.

There are however a few things that you need to do to keep everything safe.

Most importantly, you should make sure to clean your yoni eggs both before and after every use. Failing to do so could allow bacteria to build up on the egg, which then enters your body and can cause infections.

Are All Crystals Safe?

Another important consideration to keep your yoni eggs safe are the crystals used to make them. Some crystals are unsuitable to be used inside the body. They may break down while you wear them, releasing tiny pieces of crystal into your vagina. Or some can just be outright toxic!

Make sure you do your research thoroughly before trying any more unusual yoni eggs, as they may not be suitable to put inside your body. If you’re unsure, it’s usually best to stick to well known crystals, such as jade or obsidian.

Can Yoni Eggs Get Lost in Your Body?

Although it’s a common worry when putting loose objects into the vagina, yoni eggs are unable to get lost. The cervix prevents anything from leaving the vagina except for the way it came in. It doesn’t matter which egg you use, or how often you use it, it will never go further into your body than the entrance to the cervix.

If you decide to put a yoni egg in your butt though, it can definitely get lost.

The rectum is very good at swallowing things you put into it, and given time, these things will move deeper and deeper into your body. That’s why all good anal sex toys have flared bases which can’t enter the anus. Yoni eggs don’t have a base, so once they’ve gone in, there’s every chance they’ll get sucked deeper in and require a trip to the hospital to remove.

Can Yoni Eggs Get Stuck?

Feeling like your yoni egg has got stuck isn’t uncommon. Some eggs can be quite small and the vagina can be several inches long!

Thankfully, they never really get stuck. It might sometimes feel like they aren’t going to come out again. Usually, you are able to get them out though with a little extra effort.

You might need to bear down and push them out, or may even need to take a break and come back to them later. They will come out though!

How to Know Your Yoni Egg is Authentic

While genuine yoni eggs carry with them a whole host of benefits, unfortunately there are also many fakes out there which are trying to fool you. These can be made of a variety of materials, including similar looking but different crystals, or even plastics or resin!

The best way to know whether or not your egg is genuine is to have it certified and tested by a scientific group who can identify crystals. Of course this isn’t an option available to everyone, but if you can get a hold of a certified egg you definitely should!

Beyond that, one of the best ways to tell is simply by weight. Most of the time fake eggs will be considerably less dense than genuine ones, so they’ll feel much lighter.

Ultimately though, it’s down to how much you trust the people you are buying from. Once you’ve found a store that you can trust, then you’re fine, but make sure that you do your research, and know exactly what you’re buying before you hand over your hard earned cash.

Sleeping with Yoni Eggs

We don’t ever advise sleeping with yoni eggs inside your body. While there may be reports from many people saying they’ve done it and had no problems, it’s still very risky.

While asleep, many of your pain receptors turn off, which means if something were to happen which wasn’t supposed to, you might not know about it until you wake up. In a lot of cases, this might mean the damage becomes irreversible.

By keeping the egg in overnight, you also deprive your body of it’s normal rest and recovery time. Without time to recover, your pelvic floor muscles can become very sore, and sometimes even end up in worse condition than when you started!

It’s much safer to simply remove the egg, and if you want to use it again after you wake up, put it back in.

Yoni Eggs During Periods

Whether or not you can use a yoni egg during your period is a common concern for many women.

While it won’t cause you any particular damage, we generally advise that you avoid leaving objects inside your vagina for long periods of time during a period. The blood flow may be restricted, which could cause a build up inside your body. It’s much better if the blood can flow freely, so you should only wear your egg as long as you would normally wear a tampon.

If you want to use your egg during a period though, then go right ahead! Some women enjoy the healing and calming energy the receive from their eggs, and find that it helps their periods to pass much easier.

One thing you must be sure to do though is to make sure the egg is totally clean. While having your period, you are more susceptible to infections, so you don’t want to be passing anything nasty into your body on the surface of your egg.

Yoni Eggs During Pregnancy

We do not recommend that you use your yoni eggs during pregnancy unless specifically advised by your doctor to. Having objects in the vagina can bump or jostle the uterus during pregnancy which can sometimes lead to early contractions and premature birth.

In specific scenarios, doctors may recommend various pelvic floor exercises to women, and sometimes this may include the use of a yoni egg. Be sure to very carefully follow their instructions, as this is a delicate time for your vagina.

Yoni Eggs Postpartum

While using yoni eggs during pregnancy is generally not advised, once you’ve given birth it’s an ideal time to be using them! Not only can the eggs themselves help to strengthen your muscles and return your vagina to normal. The spiritual energies found within the stones can also serve to heal and stabilise your emotions after what is a very trying time!

Yoni Eggs and IUDs

We advise that you do not use a yoni egg if you have an IUD.

The egg can displace the device, or become tangled up in the strings. If this happens, it may no longer function as an effective contraceptive, and in some cases may even cause tears or damage to the walls of the vagina.

Can Yoni Eggs Cause Toxic Shock Syndrome?

While it has been generally believed that yoni eggs cannot cause toxic shock syndrome, some more recent information from various doctors tells us that it can, in fact, happen.

As bacteria builds up in the crystals, it becomes more likely that they will give you an infection, and this can include toxic shock syndrome.

This further highlights the importance of not keeping your eggs in for too long, and thoroughly, thoroughly cleaning them between uses!

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