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Can yoni eggs improve the health of your chakras?

Absolutely! Chakra healing is one of the primary abilities of it. Each egg is associated with one or more chakra points, and is capable of removing blockages and obstacles affecting the point's ability to function properly. Meditating with the proper yoni egg will help you become aware of whether or not the chakra point is healthy and what healing and focus you may need to restore them. A regular yoni egg user will be a person with healthy chakras and an active, regular energy flow throughout their body!

Help! I don't know where my chakra points are?

That's okay! Many people purchase their first yoni eggs without knowing much about their body's various chakra points. Luckily, each of our yoni eggs includes information on which points it heals and where they are located. However, if you wish to learn more about the locations of your chakra points, it is extremely easy to remember: they travel in a straight line up your body, beginning at the base of the spine and finishing at the top of the head. In order from top to bottom, the points are: root, sacral, navel, heart, throat, third-eye and crown.

What are the spiritual health benefits of yoni eggs?

Yoni eggs are a powerful cleansing tool, used for purging negative energies and inviting positive forces to occupy your body. They can strengthen your connection to Mother Earth, the energies of the universe, and your feminine identity. In addition, yoni eggs can be used to strengthen your body's chakras and to heal blockages located at various chakra points. Make sure to choose yoni eggs made from crystals associated with the chakra points you wish to focus on. If you have multiple chakra which require some healing, don't be afraid to get a full set!

Can yoni eggs help me feel more feminine?

They can! Using a yoni egg is an intensely feminine experience. Your vagina and its pleasure and sensation are put at the center of your awareness, and you get the opportunity to focus on the female parts of your body which you might otherwise neglect. Your connection to your female energy, to Mother Earth, and your divine identity as a powerful goddess will be strengthened with every single use of your yoni egg.

Can yoni eggs absorb negative energy?

This is one of the most powerful benefits of the yoni egg. Different yoni egg materials have different strengths, many of which are specifically focused on removing negative energy from your body and inviting positive energy inside. If you are feeling stressed, exhausted, irritable, short-tempered, or anxious, it's the perfect time to take a break from the stresses of daily life and do some yoga or meditation with your yoni egg. Even just a few minutes of exercises and meditation can leave you feeling refreshed, positive, and ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. Just remember to regularly clean and purify your yoni egg so that the negative energy it has absorbed can be safely removed without re-entering your body.

Can yoni eggs improve my aura?

Of course, removing the negative energy from your body and replacing it with positive energy also has the effect of clearing your aura and leaving it healthy and glowing with strength. If you feel your aura becoming clouded or off-balance, take a break and do some breathing exercise and meditation with your yoni egg. Just remember to purify your yoni egg after every few aura-cleansing session - each egg also has an aura of its own which needs to be tended to just as your own aura does!

Can yoni eggs heal blocked chakras?

Certainly! Each type of yoni egg material is associated with one or more chakra points on the body. First, identify the blocked chakra location by figuring out which parts of your body are feeling stress, pain, or muscular tension. Then insert your yoni egg and meditate, pray, stretch, and focus mentally on clearing out the chakra location. With just a little time each day dedicated to having a quiet, personal experience with your yoni egg, any and all chakra blockage will be cleared up in no time!

How can I tell if my yoni egg has a positive or negative aura?

In general, a brand new yoni egg will come complete with a positive aura, having been fully purified before being sent to you. However, as it begins to absorb your negative energy, your yoni egg may become "clouded" and its aura may turn negative, robbing it of its energy absorption abilities and dulling its positive effects and healing powers. As you become more and more attuned to your yoni egg, you will be able to sense the dimming of its aura, as the egg will begin to feel less "clean" and its effects will be lessened, signaling that it is time for a purification session. Once your egg has been purified, it will once again feel bright and clean, practically pulsing with healing energy!

How can I purify my yoni egg's aura between sessions?

There are a number of ways you can keep your yoni egg's aura clear and free from negative energy. In general, these can be separated into "active" and "passive" methods. "Passive" methods include storing your yoni egg alongside purifying substances such as sea salt and dried herbs. Placing your yoni egg in a bowl of sea salt every night will drain the negative energy from it and keep it pure and full of healing. "Active" methods, on the other hand, involve smudging your yoni egg with healing herbs, as described below.

What is "smudging"?

"Smudging" is a process which involves exposing a yoni egg to the smoke of a burning herb. In general, the herb most commonly used in smudging is sage, although common alternatives include sweet grass and palo santo. Smudging a yoni egg purifies its aura, as well as enhancing its ability to remove negative energy and toxicity from your own spiritual self. In particular, smudging makes a yoni egg much more effective when it comes to "detoxing" your vagina - removing bad vibes and healing problems such as low sexual energy, pain and muscle cramping, and a lack of connection to Mother Earth and your inner goddess.

How do I "smudge" my yoni egg?

You should always smudge your yoni egg in a safe location, where the smoke can escape and will not damage anything - including your own lungs due to excess inhaling. We recommend performing a smudging in an outdoor setting, such as a backyard or open porch (and, if you must smudge indoors, do so with a door or window open). As a bonus, your smudging will be even more effective as your yoni egg will be exposed to the flowing energies of the natural world. Burn the herbs and waft the smoke so that it reaches and covers every part of the yoni egg. Once it is purified, don't forget to douse your herbs so that the fire is completely put out!

What does it mean to "charge" a yoni egg?

"Charging" a yoni egg is a method which allows you to infuse it with a little extra energy, giving its healing and cleansing powers an extra boost. The most effective method of charging a yoni egg is by exposing it to the life-giving energies flowing through the natural world. Energies which can be used to charge your egg include the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) and - most powerful and efficient of all - pure sunlight and moonlight.

How do I "charge" my yoni egg?

If you want the quickest, most efficient method of giving your yoni egg a quick energy boost, take advantage of two natural energy sources which are both powerful and easy to access: sunlight and moonlight. Both types of light are extremely pure and powerful, plus, as a bonus, you can find them pretty much wherever you live! Find a clean, dry area with lots of access to sun or moonlight, such as a window ledge, a porch, or even a safe, secure outdoor location such as your front- or backyard. Leave the yoni egg in direct light for several hours - generally, a full day or night is recommended. When you retrieve your egg, it will be just bursting with cleansing, healing power! (Although, you should always remember to give your yoni egg a quick wipe-down with a soft cloth between charging and insertion, especially if you were charging it outside.)

Which chakra points can be affected by yoni eggs?

Every single one! Among the many types of yoni eggs, there are ones to heal and strengthen every one of the seven chakra points. There are even many types of yoni eggs which affect multiple chakras, or even all of them at once! Because there are so many yoni eggs associated with each chakra point, the questions below will focus on a few key ones rather than a full, exhaustive list.

Which yoni eggs affect the crown chakra?

The crown chakra is the seat of our spiritual consciousness and is associated with clear sight and awareness. It is represented by clear or light-colored crystals, such as opal and clear quartz. Amethyst, due to its ability to reflect your inner divine nature, also possesses a strong connection to the crown chakra. (Amethyst's purple color also connects it to this chakra, as purple was the color of royalty, individuals who are traditionally associated with wearing crowns.)

What does a blocked crown chakra mean?

A blocked crown chakra is a very serious issue, as it can set your entire physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional selves off balance. You will find yourself feeling lost, alone, and generally less aware of what is going on around you. Centering yourself spiritually can become a more difficult task, and you may find that your meditation and yoga sessions are less effective than they usually are. Lastly, a blocked crown chakra can make it difficult to get in tune with your other chakra points, and you may miss blockages occurring in the lower chakra. Therefore, blockages of the crown chakra should also be cleared up - with the assistance of your yoni egg! - as soon as possible after they are identified.

Which yoni eggs affect the third-eye chakra?

The third-eye chakra regulates spiritual vision. Novices to the world of crystal healing, spirituality and mysticism should focus on this chakra, as tending to it can "open the eyes" of your inner self. Most quartzes have a connection to the third-eye chakra, as their clarity is associated with the clarity that a healthy chakra point provides. In particular, Rose Quartz yoni eggs will strengthen your third eye chakra greatly, as they will help you become more empathetic and able to sense the thoughts and feelings of those around you - as well as being more in touch with your own!

What does a blocked third-eye chakra mean?

Just like crusted mucus or dirt blinds you by sealing your physical eyes closed, a blocked third-eye chakra means that you are, fundamentally, blind. You will wander lost on your spiritual path, and may feel as though progress on your ambitions and journeys has stilled or even reversed entirely. Self-awareness will also lower, and you will be less in touch with your emotions than when the third-eye chakra is clear. In particular, you may find yourself feeling sudden waves of negative emotion such as anger, sadness, stress, and anxiety, without knowing where these emotions are coming from.

Which yoni eggs affect the throat chakra?

The throat chakra governs speech, tying it closely to your ability to express yourself as well as vocalize your dreams, goals and ambition. In terms of the elements, the throat chakra is associated with space, as space is seen to represent the limitless possibilities available to each and every one of us. Because of this, the throat chakra is protected and healed by cool-colored yoni eggs: the deep greens and blues of lapis lazuli, turquoise, and aquamarine.

What does a blocked throat chakra mean?

The saying "like a lump in your throat" may very well have come from an attempt to describe the sensation of having a blocked throat chakra. You will feel "muted," unable to speak your mind, unable to vocalize what you need or want. Stress and anxiety will build up within your body due to lacking a proper method of release. You may also feel sadness or despair, as your dreams and goals no longer seem achievable. Heal throat chakra blockages early, with the help of the yoni eggs discussed above, in order to return to your confident, creative self!

Which yoni eggs affect the sacral chakra?

Its proximity to the genital region makes the sacral chakra the guardian of sexuality, fertility, and childbirth. When tending to the sacral chakra, choose yoni eggs which are capable of both inflaming your passions / increasing sexual energy when you are with a partner and soothing sexual frustration during a "dry spell". In particular, stones with an orange or reddish-orange color are associated with the healing and maintenance of the sacral chakra. These include orange calcite, red jasper, and especially carnelian.

What does a blocked sacral chakra mean?

A blocked sacral chakra typically manifests as sexual frustration and an inability to express or fulfill your sexual desires. This does not necessarily mean that you will be unable to have sex or find sexual partners, but that you will have difficulty acknowledging and honestly sharing what you need. Communication with sexual partners will suffer, which can lead to frustration, irritation, and even anger and fighting with your partners. This is why regular cleansing of the sacral chakra with the help of yoni eggs is recommended prior to having sexual intercourse.

Which yoni eggs affect the root chakra?

Located at the very base of the spine, the root chakra keeps you grounded and strengthens your connection to the earth. It is your foundation, governing balance, stability, calmness and security. A person with a healthy root chakra will be able to feel safe, comfortable and confident in their surroundings. To heal and protect the root chakra, choose a grounded earth stone such as the bloodstone. In addition, black obsidian, a stone with connection to multiple chakra points because of its powerful nature, has a secondary relationship with the root chakra in addition to its primary association with the navel chakra.

What does a blocked root chakra mean?

The blockage of the root chakra leads to an inability to feel safe and secure in your environment. You may be perfectly safe at home, and consciously aware of the many safety features and protections which surround you, but you will not be able to relax and accept the truth of your situation. Off-balance and nervous, everything will start to seem dangerous and unstable. You will experience feelings of nervousness, anxiety, and perhaps even paranoia until the blockage of your root chakra is identified and cleansed. Heal these blockages to restore stability to your daily life and once again find your way to a place of calm and safety. Use your yoni eggs to find your balance once again.

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