Yoni Eggs: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are yoni eggs?

These are ovum-shaped objects made from crystals or other semiprecious gemstones. They are meant to be inserted inside the vagina and perform a variety of functions. If used regularly, they can drastically improve pelvic floor muscle strength, sexual pleasure, and orgasm intensity. They can also decrease negative energy, lessen menstrual cramps and even completely remove incontinence issues. Spending some daily time with a yoni egg is a great way to both become healthier and strengthen your relationship with your vagina!

What does "yoni" mean?

"Yoni" is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning "sacred place" or "sacred temple". It has been used to refer to both the womb/uterus and the vagina, although today it is much more commonly associated with the vagina. Fun fact - the adjective form of yoni is "yonic," and it is used to describe things in nature which look like vaginas, such as certain flowers and fruits!

Where does the word "yoni" come from?

The word "yoni" is Sanskrit in origin. Sanskrit is a language which first developed in India about 3,500 years ago. It is one of the oldest languages which is still regularly spoken today. Many sacred Hindu texts were initially written in Sanskrit, so the language is strongly associated with the Hindu religion. Today, historians believe that "yoni" started out as an alternate name for Shakti, the "Divine Mother" and goddess of creative, feminine energy. Over time, the word evolved from simply a name to become closely associated with the female sexual parts: the vagina and the womb.

What are some other names for yoni eggs?

Today, "yoni eggs" is far and away the most common name used to refer to these objects. However, you may occasionally see them referred to by a number of other names. One is "love eggs," which refers to yoni eggs' ability to increase sexual pleasure and improve your sexual relationships. Another name which you might have heard is "goddess eggs," which refers to yoni eggs' connection to the goddess Shakti in Hindu mythology and use by many historical figures considered to be divine, including several Chinese empresses. However, "goddess" may also refer to the woman herself, as women who use yoni eggs become more in tune with their vaginas and their feminine, sensual energy. Lastly, you may hear yoni eggs referred to as "jade eggs," because jade is the most common material used to make them. However, this name is not accurate, as "jade eggs" refers only to a specific type of yoni eggs, and many materials other than jade are used to make them. Therefore, "yoni eggs" is both the most popular and most accurate name.

What is the difference between yoni eggs and Ben wa balls?

While they are somewhat similar in function, yoni eggs and Ben wa balls are very different in appearance. Yoni eggs are large, egg-shaped and made from crystals or semiprecious stones. Ben wa balls are smaller, round, and typically made from metal, glass or silicone. Ben wa balls are always attached by a string, while yoni eggs come in multiple different versions, some of which feature strings while others do not. Ben wa balls often come in a set of 2-5 balls which are all the same or very similar sizes. Yoni eggs are typically sold either individually or in sets of up to three eggs of different sizes.

Where did yoni eggs come from?

Yoni eggs are not a recent creation. In fact, they have been around for over one thousand years. Yoni eggs are generally considered to have originated in China before gradually spreading to the rest of Asia and, eventually, the world. The oldest yoni eggs discovered by archaeologists are believed to have belonged to the courts of various Chinese emperors and empresses, where they were considered valuable possessions. The first yoni eggs were made almost exclusively from jade. Much like today, these ancient yoni eggs were used by women to improve their vaginal strength and sexual abilities.

When were the first yoni eggs used?

Historians and archaeologists have not been able to assign a definitive date to when the first yoni eggs were used. Based on the popularity of Taoism and Jade in China, historians believe yoni eggs first became popular between 1000 and 2000 years ago. Yoni eggs first appeared in countries outside of Asia in the early 1800s, as they begin to be mentioned in writings of the time and have even appeared as the subjects of some erotic art pieces.

Who used the first yoni eggs?

Yoni eggs were originally a highly exclusive, closely guarded secret which was kept hidden among women associated with the Emperor's court in China. This meant that they were not accessible to ordinary women, but were limited to women of the court, including nobles, concubines, high-ranking courtesans and even various Empresses.

What is the connection between yoni eggs and royalty?

Ancient yoni eggs were valuable, rare items which could only be used by members of the Imperial court. Imperial concubines and courtesans were rumored to be the most skilled at sex in all of China because they regularly practiced with yoni eggs. It was even said that some royal women could use their yoni-egg powered vaginas to hypnotize men into doing whatever they wanted. Ladies, don't you wish your vagina had that kind of power? With yoni eggs, perhaps it can!

What did ancient yoni eggs symbolize?

The symbolism of yoni eggs has not changed between ancient and modern times. Yoni eggs have always symbolized the "sacred space" of the female womb and vagina, female sexual energy, sexual pleasure in both solo and couple activities, and the relationship between a woman and her vagina. They are one of the most powerful female symbols, connected to all aspects of the female experience, including sex, masturbation, pregnancy/childbirth, menstruation, and menopause. They are also strongly associated with both physical and spiritual healing due to being made from crystals and gemstones capable of purifying auras and healing blocked chakras.

Are yoni eggs connected to Taoism?

Taoism is both a religion and a philosophical way of life. It originated in China and focuses on living in harmony with the world around you and the energies that flow through it. Values of Taoism include compassion, humility, and a deep understanding of the order of the universe. Part of living in harmony with the universe includes nurturing and balancing masculine and feminine energies (often symbolized by the yin-yang). Yoni eggs have been deeply associated with Taoist practices since ancient times, as they are a source of feminine energy. Taoism encourages women to meditate with their yoni eggs and to balance the energies within their body by using both dark- and light-colored yoni eggs - typically obsidian and jade.

Are yoni eggs connected to Yoga?

Yoga is a combined mental, physical and spiritual practice which originated in India. Yoga primarily involves performing physical stretches and poses in order to increase awareness of different parts of your body, direct negative energy out of yourself, and welcome positive energy in. Although the connection between yoni eggs and yoga might seem obvious and natural, the combination of the two is in fact a modern invention. There is no evidence of yoni eggs being combined with yoga exercises during ancient times. However, there is a long history of yoga exercises aimed specifically at women, with such goals as reducing menstrual cramps and easing sore muscles during pregnancy. Several yoga exercises can be performed while wearing a yoni egg, and including one in your routine will further enhance the spiritual benefits provided by yoga.

Are yoni eggs connected to the Tantric arts?

As with Yoga, the connection between yoni eggs and Tantra (better known as the Tantric arts) is a modern invention. However, Tantra has a lengthy history. "Tantra" is a collective term which refers to the more esoteric physical and spiritual practices of Buddhism and HInduism. However, today, the term "Tantric arts" is much more strongly associated with spiritual practices meant to enhance sexual energy and sexual pleasure. Once again, the relationship to yoni eggs is a natural progression which has been made over the past few years. Try wearing a yoni egg inside you while giving your partner a Tantric massage - or perhaps receiving one!

Are yoni eggs connected to Qigong?

Qigong is a form of Chinese martial art which focuses on controlling your breathing and directing the flow of positive energy throughout your body. Both qigong and yoni eggs have the ability to purge your body of negative energy and instead invite positive qi - also known as chi or life force - inside. Of course, you can combine the two for extra effectiveness! Practicing qigong while wearing your yoni egg can give you a full-body cleanse of all negative energies which build up in your body during day to day life.

Who uses Yoni eggs today?

Everybody! Long ago, in ancient China and other civilizations, yoni eggs were restricted and only the royalty and other members of the Imperial court could use them. However, today, no such restrictions apply. Women of all ages in countries all over the world use yoni eggs to improve their vaginal health and strengthen their sexual energy. And yes, that includes YOU! Even if you've never used a yoni egg before, you can purchase one and start today!

How popular are Yoni eggs today?

Today, the popularity of yoni eggs cannot be accurately counted or calculated. Hundreds of thousands of yoni eggs are sold and used each year. More women than ever before are making yoni eggs parts of their health routines. And now is the perfect time to join them by buying a yoni egg - or several - of your very own!

Where do modern Yoni eggs come from?

Modern yoni eggs are made from a wide variety of stones and crystals which are sourced from all over the world. For example, Jade eggs are typically sourced from Asia, just as they have been for centuries. Other gemstones and crystals, including but not limited to obsidian, tiger's eye and multiple varieties of quartz, are mined and harvested in other continents and countries. Truly, yoni eggs are an international phenomenon which are both created and distributed all around the world.

In what parts of the world are Yoni eggs most popular?

Yoni eggs remain extremely popular in Asia, where they originated. They are no longer limited to China but are also popular in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and many more Asian countries. However, their popularity has also spread around the world. Women in every country are purchasing and using yoni eggs. In particular, the yoni egg phenomenon has taken North America and Europe by storm! Wherever you live, there are tons of women using yoni eggs wherever you go.

Why should you use yoni eggs?

Yoni eggs provide so many benefits to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Regular yoni egg use will strengthen the relationship between you and your vagina. You will become more in tune with your body and the sexual energies that flow through it. It will weaken the symptoms of menstruation and menopause. Plus, your sex life will improve by leaps and bounds as your vagina becomes stronger and more flexible. You'll feel better as negative energy is flushed away and positive energy is introduced into the ecosystem of your body. You'll feel closer to your body, closer to your vagina, and closer to your spiritual self. Truly, the reasons why you should use yoni eggs cannot be counted - and the reasons why you should not use yoni eggs are absolutely zero!

What are the physical health benefits of yoni eggs?

The primary physical benefit of using a yoni egg is its effect on your vagina. The vagina is a muscle, and, like every other muscle in the body, it can be trained and strengthened. If you use a yoni egg regularly, you will gain increased control over the movement of your vagina. You will be able to grip strongly and pull things deeply inside of you, whether you are engaging in intercourse with a partner or using a toy during your alone time. In addition, due to the increased overall health of your vaginal area, you will be less susceptible to health drawbacks such as severe menstrual cramps, yeast infections or hormonal mood swings.

What are the mental health benefits of yoni eggs?

Using a yoni egg will increase your confidence and put you into a positive mental state. You will be able to go about your day to day life with a positive outlook and increased confidence in your femininity and female power. You may even find yourself becoming more outspoken and assertive during sex, as you will possess a greater ability to seek out and focus on your own pleasure. Pairing your yoni egg use with relaxing exercises such as yoga, tai chi or meditation will also allow you to feel more calm and centered and banish anxiety, stress and other negative feelings.

Can yoni eggs make your vagina more healthy?

Yup! Using a yoni egg is a great way to keep your vagina healthy and ward off all types of infection and disease. Plus, yoni eggs can help you through many of the difficulties of living with a vagina, including menstrual cramps, menopause, and even childbirth. The overall health of your vagina after using a yoni egg regularly for several weeks or months will be vastly improved. Your vagina will begin to feel better and stronger and notice the difference sooner than you ever thought possible.

Can yoni eggs increase your sexual energy?

Can they ever! Using a yoni egg will give you greater control over the movements of your vaginal muscles, making you more able to tightly clench around a dildo or penis, enhancing pleasure for both yourself and your partner. Plus, your more active muscles will make your orgasms stronger and more pleasurable as your vagina simply pulses with pleasure. Lastly, you will be more perky and energetic overall, which will lead to you desiring sex more often than before. You will not only be having sex more frequently, but you will enjoy it more as well.

Can yoni eggs improve your connection to your vagina?

Absolutely! Today, many women unfortunately are raised to ignore, dislike or even fear their vagina. They do not spend time thinking about it or taking care of it, leading it to weaken both physically and spiritually. Spending time with a yoni egg inside you will increase your awareness of your vagina - or, as you can also call it, your yoni. You will learn how to "check in" with your vagina and tell when it is feeling bad or needs a little bit of extra attention. Your vagina will be cleaner, healthier and possess greater energy thanks to your improved connection.

Can yoni eggs lessen the effect of menopause?

This might surprise you - but they can! With a stronger vagina, you will remain physically and sexually energetic even as you advance in age and reach menopause. Your yoni will continue to produce more natural lubrication, meaning that you will not run the risk of "drying up" during your menopausal years. Plus, because your body will be filled with clean, healthy energy, and you will be regularly cleansing any chakra blockage or aura darkening, you will not suffer from mood swings, depression, or periods of low energy and exhaustion which menopausal women have been reported to experience.

Can yoni eggs improve your posture?

Here's an unexpected "bonus effect"! Regularly exercising and meditating with a yoni egg inside of you can help you stand up straighter, keep your shoulders back and avoid slumping. This is primarily because you will gain greater control over the muscles of your lower body, which in turn will strengthen your core. The "core" is the area of the body which is responsible for keeping the spine straight and the shoulders even. This will have long-term health benefits which you will continue to feel for years and years, as you will have fewer strained or cramped muscles, and significantly lower your risk of damaging your vertebrae or shoulder bones.

Can yoni eggs make your menstrual cramps less severe?

You bet! The period is a very spiritual time of the month when a woman's connection to her feminine nature is at its strongest. You can express your femininity and identity as a child of the Mother Earth goddess. However, it can be difficult to truly appreciate the spiritual benefits of your period when you are also experiencing debilitating cramps which can make it hard to even get out of bed. That's yet another benefit of the yoni egg - the clean, positive spiritual energy flowing through your body and increased relaxation of your Kegel muscles will significantly decrease the severity of your cramps. In some women, they have found that regularly using yoni eggs makes your cramps disappear entirely!

Can yoni eggs help strengthen the Kegel muscles?

Sure thing! Earlier, we mentioned that yoni eggs can be used to strengthen the vagina. They do this by training a group of muscles collectively referred to as the "Kegel muscles" or "pelvic floor muscles," which are located in and around the vaginal area. You will gain greater control over the muscles of this bodily area, which will make it overall stronger.

How do yoni eggs increase your natural lubrication?

Using a yoni egg gradually accustoms your vagina to the feeling of being stimulated and having its walls massaged. In turn, this stimulation gently encourages the vagina to produce more natural lubrication. The first few times you use a yoni egg, you will probably need to apply artificial lubrication before insertion, however, as your body gets used to the feeling, you may find yourself able to lubricate the egg using only your natural nectar!

How do yoni eggs make sex feel better for you?

Gaining a greater amount of control over your vagina and the movements of your vaginal muscles is one of the best ways to improve sexual experience for yourself. You will be able to grip and massage your partner or toy during penetration. Plus, during your yoni egg sessions, you will be able to take some time to listen to your vagina and focus on what feels good. You will become more acquainted with what spots and motions feel good, and will then be able to communicate that to your partner or partners!

How do yoni eggs make sex better for your partner?

Once again, the importance of increased control over your vagina comes to the forefront. If your partner has a penis, you can tightly grip it during sex to stimulate every inch of it. You can even use just your vaginal muscles to massage the shaft while you are riding your partner, helping them reach new heights of pleasure. If your partner has a vagina, you can use your yoni-egg assisted knowledge to locate their sensitive spots and massage them with your fingers or a toy. You could even purchase a set of yoni eggs for your partner and use them together in bed!

Will yoni eggs make me want more sex?

Yes! This is one of the most surprising effects of regular yoni egg use. Women begin using yoni eggs solely for health reasons, and then quickly find their sexual energy increasing as they desire orgasm and sexual play more frequently. Don't think of it simply wanting or needing more sex - think of it as unlocking your existing sexual desires. Yoni egg use puts you "in tune" with your vagina and you become more able to read the "signals" it sends you. You can identify feelings of being aroused and excited and know exactly when your vagina needs a little extra attention. You will become the sexual being you truly are inside!

Will yoni eggs affect my ability to orgasm?

There's no doubt! Many women believed they were incapable of having vaginal / G-spot orgasms - or even of orgasming at all - before they started regularly using their yoni egg. To their surprise, they discovered that it was not out of reach after all. The ability to have stronger, better orgasms is the combined result of all of the physical benefits which yoni eggs provide. Your increased control over your vaginal muscles, your awareness of your sensitive spots, and your flow of positive spiritual sexual energy will all work together to send those pleasurable orgasms bursting out. You may even find that you are a "squirter" after all!

Can yoni eggs help me find my G-spot?

Definitely! The oblong, tapered design of the yoni egg is perfect for locating and stimulating the G-spot. Simply use your yoni egg to gently massage your vaginal walls until you locate the spot which feels the most sensitive and pleasurable. You've found it! Once you've located the G-spot, you can stimulate yourself to orgasm using your fingers, your partner's equipment, a toy such as a dildo or vibrator, or even the yoni egg itself!

Can yoni eggs be used to stimulate my G-spot?

Yes! By practicing contraction of the Kegel muscles, you will be able to situate the yoni egg so that it rubs against and erotically massages your G-spot with each movement. With enough practice, you can even use a yoni egg to bring yourself to orgasm simply through G-spot stimulation. If you have never had a G-spot orgasm before, you may experience some difficulty with this initially. Try rubbing your clitoris while the yoni egg is inside you to start with combined clitoral / G-spot orgasms before moving on to those triggered entirely via yoni egg stimulation.

Can yoni eggs help me avoid organ prolapse?

They absolutely can! Organ prolapse occurs when the muscles and tissues surrounding one or more of the pelvic organs (such as the uterus, rectum or lower intestine) become weak and strained. When the muscle or tissue becomes unable to support the organ, it "falls" and presses into or even exits out of the vaginal area. Organ prolapse is most common in older individuals, and can be extremely painful and require intensive surgical procedures to correct. The best way to minimize your risk of organ prolapse is to strengthen and work out the muscles of the pelvic floor, so that they remain active and engaged and can keep your organs safe as you age. Of course, performing Kegel exercises with a yoni egg is the perfect way to do this!

Can yoni eggs help with incontinence issues?

You bet! Another unfortunately common side effect of weakened pelvic floor muscles is urinary incontinence, in which your body either has difficulty identifying the urge to urinate or does not allow you enough time to reach the toilet after the urge is felt. Dealing with urinary incontinence can be extremely embarrassing - while there are medications which can help, long-term solutions often involve wearing adult diapers or even a catheter. As with organ prolapse, incontinence can be avoided even into old age by using yoni eggs to exercise and strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor.

Can yoni eggs help make childbirth less painful?

This one requires a bit of effort and practice, but it's totally doable! As with both menstruation and sexual penetration, childbirth can become less stressful and painful the more control you have over your muscles. Birthing coaches and doctors alike have even begun to encourage the use of yoni eggs to practice the "pushing" motions associated with childbirth, especially in women who are trying to conceive and have not had a child previously.

Can yoni eggs help women who experience infertility issues?

The power of the yoni egg is truly unequaled - it can even help women who are having difficulty conceiving. Scientists have identified that one of the primary causes of fertility issues in women is bodily stress, with another being a lack of hydration and oxidation of key organs within the body. Regular yoni egg use can not only keep your organs healthy and strong, but can also decrease stress through the cycling out of negative energy and the influx of positive energy. While it is not guaranteed, keeping up a yoni egg routine can decrease fertility problems if used in addition to consultations with a trained medical professional.

What other health issues can yoni eggs help with?

So many of them! Yoni eggs will help your reproductive organs stay healthier for longer. Pain from a wide variety of chronic health conditions will be decreased. They can speed up post-childbirth recovery. You'll be less stressed, more energetic and even more positive in your day to day life as physical and spiritual issues alike are healed by the power of the yoni egg. There is almost nothing these amazing spiritual tools cannot do!

What can I use together with my yoni egg to increase its benefits?

On its own, a yoni egg is already a powerful tool which can be used for physical, mental and spiritual healing. However, you can also pair it with a wide variety of other spiritual materials to further enhance its existing benefits. The most common example of this is using sage, palo santo, or incense to cleanse or "smudge" your yoni egg. This will enhance the yoni egg's ability to absorb negative energy, heal blocked chakra, and cleanse your aura. You can also pair your yoni egg yoga or meditation session with your favorite calming, spiritual music or sound effects, perfumes, or scents. If you have other favorite crystals, you can keep them in the room with you to use as a focus during your yoni egg session. Lastly, you can enhance the benefit of your yoni egg by using it at specific times, such as while the moon is shining, as this is a time when the flow of feminine energy in the universe is extremely strong.

Can I do yoga with a yoni egg inside of me?

Absolutely! "Yoni egg yoga" is one of the most common methods of performing exercises with the egg inside you. It stretches your body and warms up your muscles while allowing you to comfortably keep the egg inside you and add Kegel exercises in combination with your positions of choice. You can focus on breathing and channel positive spiritual energy through every part of your body. Like all yoni egg exercises, you should start simple and gradually increase the length and complexity of your workout session over time as you become more accustomed to the feeling.

Which positions are best for "yoni egg yoga"?

Start out with simple, stable positions which are easy to hold for a period of time and will allow you to concentrate on your yoni egg rather than needing to devote most of your energy to keeping your body in position. Additionally, choose ones where gravity will be "on your side" - working to help keep your yoni egg nestled safely inside rather than presenting a risk of it dropping mid-exercise. Some great poses to start with include: the squat pose, the bridge pose, the frog pose, and the wall pose. Check out our guide on "How to Use Yoni Eggs" for more information!

Can I meditate with a yoni egg inside me?

Meditation is another excellent activity to perform while your yoni egg is inserted. It is one of the most classic yoni-egg related exercises, and has been practiced for centuries. Meditation is a wonderful option if you want to focus on your aura and the flow of energies, as well as providing a quiet, reflective space to get more in tune with your vagina and communicate with your goddess self.

Does using a yoni egg improve meditation?

Yes! Many people, when beginning meditation for the first time, find it difficult to clear their mind or stay focused. Using a yoni egg helps because it gives something to focus your mental energy on and serve as the central point for your meditation session. Your mind will be much less likely to wander if you go into a meditation session with the goal of focusing on your yoni egg and female energies. Over time, meditating with your yoni egg will begin to feel like the most natural thing in the world!

What are the most effective exercises to do with yoni eggs?

Yoga and stretches are the exercises which pair best with yoni eggs. They are not too intense so as to leave you sore for days, but will also allow you to focus directly on your pelvic floor muscles and isolate the ones you wish to work on. The type of exercise which is best to perform will vary depend on where and when you want to get in your "yoni egg time".

What are yoni eggs made from?

Yoni eggs are made from a wide variety of crystals and semiprecious stones. The first yoni eggs were made from jade, and it remains the most popular material today. However, other crystals such as onyx, amethyst, aventurine and various types of quartz have also become popular. Any crystal which is not extremely fragile and does not include any toxic ingredients such as lead, it can most likely be used to create a yoni egg.

How do you choose the yoni egg material that is right for you?

The best method is simply to do your research. Read up on the different yoni egg materials, what they symbolize and which mental and spiritual benefits they provide. Lovegasm contains a number of informative articles discussing the deeper meanings behind many of the most popular yoni egg materials. You can also meditate or pray while focusing on different types of yoni eggs - often, the answer will come to you through spiritual focus. Of course, you can also pick one simply by looking through our product collections and picking out the one which appeals to you the most!

Should I stick to one material, or buy lots of different ones?

Don't limit yourself to just one egg, or even just one material! Different types of crystals focus on different parts of the body, different chakra points, and different types of stress and energy. It is recommended for most women to own a variety of yoni eggs, so that you will always have the perfect one on hand when the situation calls for it. You can even incorporate multiple yoni eggs into a single session if you have different chakra points which need some extra attention!

Is it okay to buy a yoni egg if I don't know a lot about crystal healing?

Yes! Anyone and everyone can use a yoni egg. You do not have to be a crystal expert or even know a single thing about crystal healing in order to choose a yoni egg. In fact, beginning to use yoni eggs is a great opportunity to start learning more about the many amazing powers of crystals! Your knowledge will increase as your brand new yoni eggs quickly become a part of your spiritual routine.

Is it okay if I buy a yoni egg just because I like how it looks?

Absolutely! It is very important that you enjoy and appreciate the look of your yoni egg, and most yoni eggs are extremely beautiful due to being made from beautifully polished crystals. Additionally, feeling "I like this" when you look at a yoni egg could be a sign that that egg is calling to you, and it is your destiny to purchase and use it!

Why do I have a strong emotional reaction when looking at a yoni egg?

Yoni eggs have auras and energy just like you. That feeling you are experiencing is the yoni egg reaching out to you, calling for you and identifying you as its destined owner. Your aura is extremely compatible to that of the egg, and the two of you are simply meant to be together! It's fate!

Why do some yoni eggs come with a string attached to them?

The string which comes attached to some yoni eggs is specifically designed to make the egg easier to insert and remove. While yoni eggs are generally simple to handle, with no risk of getting stuck, the addition of a string can make yoni egg newbies more confident when trying out an egg for the first time. Additionally, strings can be attached to various sizes of vaginal weights, turning your yoni egg from a simple health and meditation aid into the perfect exercise tool.

Should I choose a yoni egg on a string or one without a string?

It's completely up to you! Both types of yoni egg are extremely effective when it comes to meditation, yoga, and physical, emotional, spiritual and mental healing. However, if you are interested in using your yoni egg as an exercise aid, it is recommended to purchase one with a string, as it is much easier to attach vaginal weights than one which does not feature a string.

What is a drilled yoni egg?

A drilled yoni egg is any yoni egg which features a hole, either on the side of the egg or through its two ends, top and bottom. Some drilled yoni eggs come with a string already attached to them, while some simply feature empty holes which you can string yourself upon receiving the egg and re-string whenever needed. Drilled yoni eggs are useful because they are easier to insert and remove and can be used to hold vaginal weights during exercise.

What is the difference between drilled and undrilled yoni eggs?

The only difference between a drilled and undrilled yoni egg is the presence of a hole. Drilled yoni eggs feature a hole through which a string can be inserted, while undrilled yoni eggs do not contain a hole. However, both eggs are very effective when it comes to performing all the functions of the yoni egg, such as healing, balancing, and clearing blocked chakras.

What is the difference between a top-drilled yoni egg and a side-drilled yoni egg?

The difference between these two types of yoni eggs is the location of the hole. Top-drilled yoni eggs have a hole which starts at the top (narrowest part) of the egg, travels vertically through the interior of the egg, and comes out through the bottom (wider) part. Meanwhile, a side-drilled yoni egg features a hole drilled horizontally from one side of the yoni egg to the other. These holes are usually located towards the top or narrower part of the egg, but side-drilled eggs with holes closer towards the bottom or wider part of the egg can sometimes be found. Both types of yoni egg have benefits - top-drilled yoni eggs are more stable and sturdy, while side-drilled yoni eggs are easier to clean because the hole is smaller and not as deep.

What do I use if my yoni egg doesn't come with a string?

Make sure to always use a string which is hygienic and safe to be put inside the human body. Do not use anything made from harmful or toxic materials, as these can cause imbalances in the delicate environment of your vagina. Narrow cords made from gentle, natural materials are recommended. If you want a quick solution which you may even have available in your own house, unwaxed dental floss is completely safe and healthy as well as inexpensive and easy to replace.

Can I replace my yoni egg string if it breaks?

Yes! Depending on how regularly you use your drilled yoni egg, and what sorts of exercises - from meditation to yoga to rough sex - you get up to while wearing it, it is a very real possibility that your string may occasional fray or break entirely. Remove all parts of the previous string before inserting the new one. Dispose of the broken string - it should not be put to any other use after being part of your yoni egg setup. Additionally, if you notice your yoni egg string has started to fray, replace it immediately.

What size yoni egg should I choose?

As with many other aspects of purchasing yoni eggs, this is an individual question where the answer will depend on your comfort levels and personal preferences. Some women prefer the feeling of fullness which comes with a large yoni egg, while others like a small yoni egg which they can wear all day without feeling it dramatically stretching your inner walls. However, if you are new to using yoni eggs, and are unsure which size will work best for you, it is typically recommended that you start with a medium or "average" sized yoni egg.

What is the benefit to buying a set of yoni eggs?

Sets of yoni eggs are usually grouped using one of two methods: by size or by material. Size sets are the most common, and they typically consist of one small, one medium, and one large yoni egg. However, you can sometimes also find material-based sets featuring crystals connected to different chakra points. Purchasing a set will ensure that you always have the egg you need, and will allow you to work up from smaller to larger yoni eggs at your own pace.

Should I buy yoni eggs in one size or many different sizes?

Definitely go for multiple sizes! As we all know, the yoni is ever-changing, and what it needs and is comfortable with will vary depending on hormone levels, stress, the menstrual cycle, and many other factors both external and internal. Having multiple sizes on hand means that the perfect yoni egg for your daily situation will always be within reach. That way, you will never need to skip so much as a single day of your yoni egg exercise and meditation schedule!

How big is a large yoni egg?

The average large yoni egg is 50 millimeters long and 35 millimeters wide at its widest point. Typically, anything larger than this will be specially classified as an "extra large" yoni egg.

How big is a medium yoni egg?

The average medium yoni egg is 43 millimeters long and 30 millimeters wide at its widest point.

How big is a small yoni egg?

The average small yoni egg is 35 millimeters long and 25 millimeters wide at its widest point. Typically, anything smaller than this will be specially classified as an "extra small" yoni egg.

How often should you use your yoni egg?

Regular yoni egg use is recommended so that your yoni stays accustomed to the feeling of being filled. Insertion will be significantly easier if you are doing it regularly, while it may become more difficult if you take a long break from yoni egg use. In fact, you can safely use your yoni egg on a daily basis during most times of your life. So make it part of your daily routine starting today!

When is a good time to use your yoni egg?

While you can use your yoni egg anytime and anywhere - from lying in bed to even at your desk at work - it is recommended that you choose a time when your body is relaxed and you have plenty of time to focus on your yoni and how it is feeling. Early in the morning and right before bed are great options, as is adding your yoni egg into your existing stretching, yoga or meditation routine.

How long should I keep my yoni egg inside myself?

If you are new to using a yoni egg, you should start out by using it for a short period of time each day. Leaving a yoni egg inside all day when you are not yet accustomed to the feeling can leave you feeling sore and uncomfortable after the egg is removed. Start with about an hour and gradually work your way up. Once your yoni has come to accept the feeling of having an egg deep inside, you will be able to safely and comfortably wear one all day - or even all night!

How long does it take to start seeing results from using a yoni egg?

Yoni eggs are absolutely amazing - you will begin to see results within just a few weeks or even a few days ! You will begin to notice that your yoni is stronger, you experience less cramping and pain during menstruation, and your mental state will improve. Your aura will clear up and negative energy will drain away as the yoni egg becomes attuned to your body. If you are curious to see how the effects of the yoni egg are progressing, try meditating while holding your egg close to one of your chakra points.

Can I use yoni eggs during intercourse?

Absolutely! Yoni eggs feel amazing during sex for all participants involved. They add a new, smooth sensation to penetrative sex, and can be used to stimulate the clitoris or female G-spot during non-penis in vagina activities. For example, you can experience double stimulation by holding a yoni egg inside your vagina while being penetrated anally by a penis or toy.

How does intercourse with a yoni egg feel for the woman?

Of course, it is the woman who gets the most pleasure from using a yoni egg during sex - as it should be! Women can use yoni eggs to experience deep stimulation within their vagina, reaching all the way to the G-spot. It can spice up foreplay or allow you to experience vaginal and anal stimulation at the exact same time. Even if the yoni egg is not inside you, you can experience pleasure through having your partner massage your nipples or clit with the egg's smooth surface.

How does intercourse with a yoni egg feel for the man?

Although yoni eggs are primarily designed for women's benefit and pleasure, a man can still enjoy intercourse with a yoni egg, too! The yoni egg will provide a unique stimulating sensation against his cock if he penetrates his partner while she is wearing a yoni egg. Additionally, it allows a man to stimulate his female partner in more ways all at once, as he can use his hands, mouth, cock, and yoni egg at the exact same time. Of course, a woman could also use a yoni egg to tease her man and give him some pleasure too - the crystal feels amazing rubbing against the smooth, sensitive skin of his nipples or the head of his penis!

Should my yoni egg be warm or cold before putting it inside myself?

We recommend warming up a yoni egg before putting it inside your body. A warm yoni egg will help your body relax, and will make insertion easier as you will feel more comfortable and at peace. However, warming the yoni egg is not mandatory - some women in fact enjoy the sensation of the cooler crystal rubbing against their inner walls. Experiment with both warm and cool yoni eggs to figure out which one you like better. However, always be sure that your egg is a body-safe temperature before insertion!

What should I do to prepare before putting in a yoni egg?

First, make sure the egg has been properly cleaned, so that no dirt or grit is entering your yoni. Then, warm up your body so that you are nice and relaxed before insertion. Massage your breasts and nipples to begin encouraging the flow of sexual energy through your body. Once you start to feel warmed up, move the massage to your vaginal opening. Make sure that you are nice and loose and open before introducing the egg into your yoni. This will both make insertion more comfortable and help maximize the healing effects of the yoni egg physically, mentally and spiritually.

Should I use lubricant with my yoni egg?

This is another element of the yoni egg experience which will vary from each individual woman to another. Some will find that they produce enough natural lubrication that they do not need any assistance from outside. However, other women find that adding lubrication makes the insertion process quicker and more comfortable, as well as allowing the egg to sit more comfortably inside of them. Both options are equally valid! For maximum effectiveness, we recommend organic lubricants such as extra virgin coconut or olive oil, as they both feel good and will not introduce foreign contaminants into your yoni. Plus, these oils are affordable and can easily be found at your local supermarket!

Can you only use yoni eggs when you are aroused?

Not at all - with the help of a little lubricant, you can use your yoni egg at any time, regardless of arousal. However, it is generally agreed that inserting a yoni egg while you are aroused is simpler and more comfortable, as your muscles will be more relaxed and your body will be producing a larger amount of natural lubricant. The best advice is: listen to your body. She will tell you whether or not she is in a state to accept a yoni egg inside her or not. If you follow your body's instructions, you can never go wrong!

How do I put in a yoni egg?

Once you have performed any necessary preparations (such as massaging the vaginal opening, lubricating the egg and making sure you are properly relaxed) you can go ahead and insert the yoni egg. You can either lie on your back or get into a squatting position, depending on which is more comfortable for you. Move slowly and gently until the egg is comfortably seated inside you.

How far inside myself should I push the yoni egg?

Once again, always listen to your body. Only insert the egg as far as is comfortable for you. You should not be attempting to "poke" or "shove" against your cervix area with the yoni egg. You should be aiming to reach the G-spot area but avoid the cervix and still leave the egg easy to reach with your fingers when it is time for removal.

What is the best position to use when inserting a yoni egg?

In general, we recommend lying down or squatting with your legs widely apart (also known as a horse stance). These positions allow you to easily reach your yoni while keeping it open and relaxed.

Should I empty my bladder before inserting a yoni egg?

Yes, you should! Inserting a yoni egg can lead to a feeling of slight pressure against your bladder, making you feel like you need to pee. This can distract you and make yoga or meditation sessions with your yoni egg less effective. To avoid this, always urinate before inserting your yoni egg.

Should I empty my bowels before inserting a yoni egg?

Definitely! While a yoni egg will not usually press against the lower intestine or colon while it is inserted, defecating with a yoni egg inside of you is not recommended, as it will usually result in the yoni egg being expelled as your muscles clench and release. Avoid this difficulty by emptying your bowels before insertion.

Should I wear underwear while wearing a yoni egg?

This is entirely up to you! You can comfortably wear underwear with a yoni egg inside of you, but it is definitely not required. Some women enjoy the feeling of snugness and safety provided by the underwear, while others enjoy feeling the cool air and the flow of natural energy against their bare yoni. Experiment with both options to determine which one works for you!

Help! My yoni egg doesn't fit!

Don't worry! We promise, there's nothing wrong with either you or your yoni egg. It may be possible that you are starting with a larger sized yoni egg when you have not worked your way up from the smaller sizes yet. Alternately, it is possible that the muscles of your yoni are not relaxed enough to comfortably accept the egg inside. If you are having difficulty, try engaging in a longer preparation session before insertion. Massage your breasts and pay lots of attention to the area around your vaginal opening - this part of the body can hold a surprising amount of tension. You can also purchase a yoni egg set which allows you to choose between small, medium and large options depending on your body's current comfort level.

Help! My yoni egg keeps falling out!

Yoni eggs falling out is a rare but possible occurrence. It usually happens when you leave a yoni egg in for longer than your body is currently comfortable with, or you use it at a time when your pelvic floor muscles are too exhausted to hold the egg inside of you. This most frequently happens early in your yoni egg owning experience, when your body is still becoming accustomed to the new muscular motions required. If you find this happening to you, begin by immediately removing the egg and taking a break to let your muscles rest. If you are worried about your egg falling out, you can wear underwear in order to "catch" the egg should it slip out while you are going about your day.

Is it normal to feel or not feel the yoni egg when it is inside me?

Both of these are totally normal! Whether or not you feel a yoni egg inside you is a totally unique experience which depends on YOUR unique body. Usually, when you are adjusting to a brand new yoni egg, you will feel it the first few times you wear it. Over time, you may find that the yoni egg feels less "intense" inside of you and that you may even totally forget you are wearing one over a long period of time. However, again, this will be unique to your body - we can't tell you one hundred percent which way you will or won't feel!

Help! The string on my drilled yoni egg broke and came undone while it was inside me!

You will be ok! First, take a deep breath and calm yourself down before taking any action. Next, remove the egg. It is very likely that the motion of removing the egg will cause the string to slip out alongside the egg. However, if the egg comes out and the pieces of broken string remain inside of you, don't panic! While still breathing deeply and staying calm, use your fingers to reach inside of you and pull out the bits of string. You can also try taking a shower to flush or clean out any remaining pieces of string.

How do you remove your yoni egg?

Removing a yoni egg is extremely easy, and involves engaging the same muscles used in urinating, defecting, and "squeezing" your partner's cock during vaginal penetration. You can remove your yoni egg using a combination of pushing downwards with your muscles and fishing the egg out with your fingers. Wrap your fingers securely around the yoni egg and gently pull downwards as you push. If your yoni egg is drilled, you can also tug lightly on the string to assist with yoni egg removal.

What should you do if you are having difficulty removing your yoni egg?

Once again, there's no need to panic. Difficulty removing your yoni egg is usually a sign that your pelvic floor muscles have tensed up and are "squeezing" too tightly around the egg as a result. Take some time to meditate or do some yoga poses as you allow your mind to return to a place of centered relaxation. This will cause your Kegel muscles to relax, and the egg will likely slip out on its own or be able to be removed with your fingers while in a squatting position.

Help! My yoni egg is totally stuck!

It is a very rare situation, but it can happen - your Kegel muscles tense and tighten up to the point that you cannot remove your yoni egg. In this case, the best thing you can do is relax. Take the time that you need - meditate, stretch, rest, or do anything else you need to return to a state of relaxation. Once you are ready, enter a squat position and push down firmly with your pelvic floor muscles, as though you are going to the bathroom. Other helpful strategies include coating your fingers in lube to help the egg slip out more easily and sitting on the toilet to "trick" your body into thinking that it is time to push downwards and release anything being held inside.

What does it mean if my yoni egg frequently gets stuck?

This is a sign that you are too stressed and tense, and that your body is not becoming relaxed enough to release the yoni egg. If you are experiencing this, it is recommended that you add more relaxation-centered activities to your regular yoni egg routine. Add additional stretches, or try out yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises if you have not already done so.

How can I prevent my yoni egg from getting stuck in the future?

Center and focus on your relaxation by doing some stretches or meditation - perhaps even before inserting the yoni egg, in addition to during. In addition, you can schedule your yoni egg sessions during times of the day when your body is naturally more relaxed, such as early in the morning, just before bed, or after a relaxing nap or hot shower. As your brain comes to associate yoni eggs with relaxation, you will be able to banish all of that tension and stress and be able to remove your yoni egg easily each and every time you make use of it!

Are yoni eggs safe?

Absolutely! All of our yoni eggs are made from one hundred percent body-safe materials, and can be safely inserted and removed from your yoni without any risk whatsoever. In addition, every single yoni egg sold by our site features a soft, rounded design with no potentially dangerous cracks, chips or sharp edges.

Are there any side effects to using yoni eggs?

The only side effects of using our yoni eggs are positive ones! You'll be more relaxed, more centered, free from toxic influences and sources of negative energy, and have a clearer, brighter aura than ever before! Plus, you'll experience physical and sexual benefits as your Kegel muscles become stronger and intercourse becomes more pleasurable for both you and your partner. You will benefit in so many different ways, without experiencing any negative side effects to your physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or spiritual health. It's a win-win-win-win situation!

Are there any types of yoni eggs I should not use?

Yes. Unfortunately, there are a few materials which should not be used for yoni eggs, due to containing substances which are toxic for human use and can cause injury or infection. In addition, you should never use a "DIY" yoni egg - always select an yoni egg sold by a trusted vendor. Lastly, never use a yoni egg which has become cracked, chipped or sustained any other kind of physical damage, as it can cause injury to your yoni.

What do I do if my yoni egg becomes cracked, chipped or damaged?

In any of these situations, physical damage indicates that it is time for you to buy a new yoni egg in order to replace the chipped or cracked one. Even a small flaw can become worse over time, leading to rough, jagged edges which can harm the sensitive skin of your yoni. Most yoni eggs will last for several years before showing any damage. However, when you do start seeing that wear and tear, it's time to head over to our catalog and pick out a brand new yoni egg for yourself - or perhaps even an entire set of them!

Do yoni eggs contain toxic chemicals?

Nope! Yoni eggs are made from natural, body-safe crystals such as quartz, jade and obsidian. They do not contain any toxic chemicals or other harmful additives. In addition, the strings attached to drilled yoni eggs are made from harm-free, body safe, natural materials and do not contain toxic chemicals.

Are yoni eggs porous?

Highly porous crystals or stones, such as pumice, are generally not used to make yoni eggs. This is because small bits of bacteria, dirt and grime can get caught in the pores, making the egg more difficult to clean. Some stones, such as jade, do contain a small number of extremely small pores, but they are still completely safe and healthy for human use.

Can I use yoni eggs anally?

While using yoni eggs anally is possible, more caution should generally be taken than when inserting them into your vagina. This is because, unlike the vagina, the anus does not have a cervix, meaning there is nothing within the body to act as a natural barrier and stop the egg from being inserted too far. Therefore, inserting yoni eggs anally should be done with extreme care. Always use a drilled yoni egg, so that you can keep a firm grip on the string and use it to safely and easily remove the egg. Additionally, keep in mind that, if you are not accustomed to anal play and inserting objects into your anus, you may have to begin with a smaller sized yoni egg, as the anus takes longer to stretch and accommodate bigger objects.

Can I use yoni eggs when I am on my period?

This is an extremely personal decision which you will need to make for yourself. Some women enjoy using yoni eggs throughout their menstrual period, as they feel that cramps and other symptoms are lessened due to the healing effects of the yoni egg. Other women prefer to keep their yoni clear during this time period, giving their uterus time and space to release its moon blood more quickly. However, if you do choose to use a yoni egg during your period, you should make sure to only keep it inserted for short periods of time, to avoid backup of menstrual blood. You should also thoroughly clean the egg after each and every use, so it does not pick up any unpleasant smells or textures from being used while bleeding.

Can I use yoni eggs while I am sick?

This depends on the illness. If you are experiencing something mild, such as a cold or seasonal allergies, you can continue to use your yoni egg without interruption. However, if you are suffering from a condition which affects your yoni region, such as a yeast infection or hormone imbalance, leave your yoni egg out until your body has fully recovered. But don't worry - that doesn't mean you have to stop using your yoni egg altogether, just avoid insertion for a few days or weeks. You can continue meditating by holding your yoni egg in your hands, pressing it against relevant chakra points, or any other of a wide variety of equally effective methods.

Can I use yoni eggs while I am asleep?

Yes! Yoni eggs are completely safe to use while you are sleeping. In fact, your bed is one of the most effective locations for yoni egg used - it's comfortable, soft, and is a place where your mind and body naturally feel safe, relaxed and at ease. Just don't forget to take it out the next morning and give your yoni a little time to "breathe" so as to avoid annoying muscle cramps during the day!

Can I use yoni eggs to detox my vagina?

Yes! One of the most powerful effects of the yoni egg is its ability to purge toxic influences and purify both the physical body and the spiritual aura. And, of course, this includes the part of the body which the egg is most deeply connected to: the yoni! If your yoni is feeling unhealthy or uncomfortable, it might be time for a nice long meditation, yoga and detox session with your favorite yoni egg.

Can yoni eggs cause cramps?

In general, no! Yoni eggs are extremely comfortable and safe to use, and will banish cramps caused by stress or menstrual periods rather than causing cramps of its own. If you find yourself experiencing cramps while using your yoni egg, this is generally a signal that something else is wrong, rather than the cramps being caused by the yoni egg itself. Consult a medical professional if you find yourself regularly experiencing cramps while using your yoni egg.

Can yoni eggs cause muscle pain?

Yoni eggs will not cause muscle pain if they are used responsibly and you take care to give your yoni proper breaks from insertion. However, if you keep your yoni egg inserted for too long before your body is ready for it, you may find yourself experiencing some muscle weakness, strain and pain upon removing the egg. This is why it is always recommended to "work up to" extended yoni egg use by starting out with a few shorter sessions before leaving the egg inside all day. This will give your muscles time to build up strength and become accustomed to the insertion, so that you will not experience any muscle pain or discomfort even when you begin wearing your yoni egg all night or all day.

Can yoni eggs cause Toxic Shock Syndrome?

No! This is one of the most common myths associated with yoni eggs, in which they are associated with the condition known as "Toxic Shock System" similar to tampons, menstrual cups, sex toys female condoms, or practically anything else which can be inserted within the yoni. Yoni eggs are not associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome and have not been known to cause it in women who use them regularly. However, the fear of Toxic Shock Syndrome generally comes from valid concerns about pain or damage to the yoni caused by leaving tampons, toys or yoni eggs inserted for too long without giving the yoni any breaks. This is why you should always make sure to take breaks and "air out" your yoni, even if you prefer to wear your yoni egg for long stretches of time such as all day or overnight.

Can I use yoni eggs if I am religious?

Yes! While yoni eggs traditionally do have some connection to a wide variety of religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism and the Tantric school of thought, they are not "owned" by any one religion. Using yoni eggs is not a religious action, but rather a personal one based on the relationship between yourself and your yoni, as well as between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

Will yoni eggs conflict with my religion?

Not at all! Yoni eggs can be used by any person of any religion, as well as by people who do not consider themselves to be religious. While using a yoni egg is typically considered to be a spiritual experience, it is a personal one dealing only with your individual spirit and aura as well as your connection to it. Using a yoni egg is entirely a personal health and spiritual choice which does not conflict with any religious beliefs or teachings.

How often should I clean my yoni egg?

Ideally, all of your yoni eggs should be cleaned regularly, at the very least after every three to four uses. In fact, cleaning your yoni egg after each and every use is totally fine and often highly recommended as the best method of keeping dirt and bacteria from building up on the surface of the egg. In general, you should trust your own instincts and clean your yoni egg whenever you start to feel that it is becoming dirty or less comfortable to be used. Cleaning sessions should also be more frequent during menstruation or other periods of heavy discharge from the yoni.

Can my yoni egg be safely boiled?

Yes! Yoni eggs can safely be placed in boiling water. In fact, this is the recommended method for cleaning your yoni eggs, as it sterilizes them and removes all bacteria and accumulated dirt on the egg's surface. A quick dip in boiling water followed by a rub with a soft, gentle cloth is more than enough to thoroughly clean your egg. An extended soak in boiling water is generally not recommended.

How long can yoni eggs be boiled for?

A yoni egg can be boiled for between 10 and 15 minutes without suffering any structural damage. However, boiling it for any longer than that is generally not recommended, as it can compromise the structural integrity of the yoni egg and make it less sturdy and more likely to develop cracks, chips, or other faults which could force the yoni egg to be retired. Keep your boiling periods short, and do not leave the egg in the water any longer than necessary. Frequent, short boilings are much better for the long-term health of your yoni egg than less frequent but lengthier dunking in hot water.

What should I use to clean my yoni egg?

As mentioned above, the most effective method of cleaning a yoni egg is simply sterilizing it via immersion in boiling water, followed by drying it with a gentle, unscented cloth or towel. However, if you feel that this is not sufficient, and are looking for a more intense cleaning opportunity, there are a few other things which can be done. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the boiling water will help banish the bacteria and keep your yoni egg smelling and feeling wonderful. You can also use gentle, unscented antibacterial soaps, especially those which are certified organic - soaps intended for facial use or use by babies are the typically recommended level of gentleness. Lastly, you can also wipe down your yoni egg with a cotton ball or swab coated with a few drops of clear alcohol such as vodka - just make sure to thoroughly dry the egg and remove all traces of alcohol before insertion!

What is the best method for cleaning my yoni egg?

Dip your yoni egg in boiling water - perhaps with a few drops of tea tree oil added for pleasant scent - and let it sit for between 5 and 10 minutes. (Don't forget to keep an eye on your yoni egg throughout the process, in order to avoid the pot boiling over or leaving the egg in the water for too long). Once it has been thoroughly sterilized, gently rub it dry with a soft, non-scented cloth. Every few times you clean it, use soap or a clear alcohol such as vodka to remove especially stubborn bacteria.

What should I do if my yoni egg falls in the toilet?

First things first, don't panic! Due to the movement of your pelvic floor muscles while you are on the toilet, an inserted yoni egg falling out is an uncommon but unfortunately not impossible occurrence. (For this reason, it is often recommended that you remove your yoni egg before using the bathroom, especially if you need to defecate or think you will be on the toilet for any extended period of time). Simply remove your egg from the toilet prior to flushing, and make sure to give it a thorough cleaning prior to re-insertion. If you are uncomfortable reaching into the toilet with your bare hands, keep a pair of disposable rubber gloves next to the toilet to use in case of emergencies.

How do I clean the hole of my drilled yoni egg?

When using a drilled yoni egg, it is possible that dirt, grime or bacteria may start to build up inside the hole. This may result in needing to clean your yoni egg more frequently, to avoid buildup getting so bad that you are not able to insert the string at all. Luckily, cleaning the hole of your drilled yoni egg is a much simpler task than it seems. First, remove the string, as this will give you much easier access to the hole. Then, clean out the hole with a directed stream of hot water. While simply placing your yoni egg in a pot of boiling water as in a standard cleaning can be done, it is best to specifically focus on the hole. You can use a spray bottle, narrow nozzle or directed faucet in order to reach the hole with high-pressure cleansing hot water. Lastly, dry the hole very thoroughly to remove any drops of water which may have remained stuck inside.

How often do I need to replace the string of my drilled yoni egg?

Typically, you will not need to replace the string of the yoni egg until or unless it breaks or become visibly dirty. If you see any fraying or tearing, remove the string and replace it immediately in order to avoid the string snapping while the yoni egg is inside of you. If you are concerned about damage or breakage, you can replace the string of your yoni egg every 3-6 months - more frequently for more fragile strings such as dental floss, and less so for sturdier strings made from cotton or hemp.

Are yoni eggs eco-friendly?

Absolutely! Yoni eggs are extremely long-lasting and made entirely from natural materials. Plus, there is pretty much never any need to permanently dispose of them! Even if your yoni egg cracks or reaches an age when you are no longer comfortable inserting it, you can keep it around for external meditation exercise or even just decoration in your bedroom, meditation area or other sacred place. This makes yoni eggs one of the most eco-friendly health items in existence!

How long does a yoni egg last?

Yoni eggs are generally extremely long-lasting, as they can safely be used for months and even multiple years as long as they do not become chipped, cracked or otherwise broken. If your yoni egg does become damaged; however, you should replace it immediately for your own health and safety. Of course, even though yoni eggs are long-lasting, having a wide variety of sizes and materials is beneficial to your physical and spiritual health, so building up a large collection is highly recommended!

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