Homemade Pocket Pussies

One of the questions we always find asked with almost any kind of sex toy is: “how can I make one at home”. This can be more or less successful depending on which sex toy you are trying to replicate. Pocket pussies are actually one of the easiest sex toys to replicate at home. They will never be as good as the real thing but in a pinch, they can definitely get you off.

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How to Simulate a Blowjob

Blowjobs are one of the greatest sexual experiences for any man regardless of sexual orientation. Unfortunately, if you aren’t in a relationship they can be quite hard to come by. This is where many men might turn to all kinds of techniques and devices to try and emulate the feeling of getting a real blowjob.

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Do Pocket Pussies Feel Real?

One of the most common reasons people become interested in male strokers is the thought that they might be as good as a real vagina. Unfortunately, nothing can truly replicate the feel of a real vagina. Pocket pussies are probably as close as you can come though!

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How to Clean Pocket Pussies

Cleaning is always a very important part of owning any sex toy, and male masturbators are no different. Compared to many sex toys, the need to clean vagina strokers are even more important than usual. These toys are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria with plenty of warmth and moisture, especially if you ejaculate into it. Luckily cleaning doesn’t have to be too much of a chore and most sex toys can be cleaned off and ready to use again with very little effort.

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What Do Pocket Pussies Feel Like?

Male masturbators can be an intriguing discovery when you’ve never seen or heard of them before. One of the first things a person will wonder is what it feels like to put your penis inside. Is it like a real vagina? Or is it a completely different experience? Read on and we will discuss some of the things you might experience if you decide to pick up your own pocket pussy.

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