How to Dispose of a Sex Doll

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One part of owning sex dolls and other sex toys that is almost never mentioned or thought about is how you get rid of them. It’s not something you might want to think about, but your favourite vibrators, dildos, pocket pussies or even fully-fledged sex dolls will eventually succumb to the ravages of time and need replacing. But what do you do with the old ones? They’re a little embarrassing to just throw in the trash, and with something larger like a sex doll they won’t even fit!

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Dispose of Sex Toys

If you aren’t a wasteful person, then rather than disposing of your old household items might be something you think about a little more than simply throwing them in the trash. You can donate all kinds of things to charity shops so someone else can get use out of it once you’re done with it. There are some items though that charity shops just won’t accept, and unfortunately sex toys fall under that category.

So, what can you do to get rid of them in a way that’s good for the environment? Well it turns out, others have faced the same problem before, and some brave entrepreneurs have begun coming up with solutions. There are websites appearing that will take your old sex toys.

All you have to do is package them up and mail them to the right address. The companies will take out and dispose of the batteries, then break the toys down to their different materials. Toys are also sterilised by the companies, to make sure that any germs or bodily fluids are fully removed before the materials are made into anything else.

Anything that can be salvaged and refurbished is kept as a sex toy but given a completely new coat of whatever material it’s made of first. These can then be resold to new owners. Some recycling sites even offer you vouchers which can get you some money off a new, recycled sex toy.

This isn’t something that’s caught on in any large scale yet, but it’s still there. Hopefully in time it can become more main stream, but at least it exists. Even manufacturers are starting to get in on the action, with some offering their own recycling projects for any toys bought from them.

Getting Rid of Sex Toys When Recycling Isn’t an Option

So, if you can’t recycle your sex toys, you’re stuck simply throwing them in the bin. Understandably though, you probably don’t want anyone to find this sort of thing in your rubbish. For smaller toys you can simply put them in separate plastic bags so that if someone does for whatever reason see inside your rubbish they won’t be able to see exactly what you’ve put in there.

Larger toys are a little more difficult, especially sex dolls. You can try and separate the doll into different parts to make it a little easier to get in your rubbish, or just take it straight to the landfill yourself. If you’re a bit embarrassed to be dropping off a sex doll at the landfill, then you can take off or try to cover up the genitals. This way it looks like a simple mannequin rather than a sex doll.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Sex Toys

Throwing them in the bin isn’t the only option you have! You can get creative and try to use them in other parts of your house. It might be a little difficult to think of anything useful to do with an old dildo but having it around and then being able to grab it when you think of something can be quite handy. Just be sure to fully sterilise and disinfect it to make sure all of the germs are gone. You can be a bit more aggressive with your cleaning this time as you won’t be using it in your body again.

Artists can usually make the most of their old sex toys. There are all kinds of interesting sculptures and pieces of art you can make about basically anything. Let your imagination run wild!

Disposing of a sex toy probably isn’t something you want to think about when you’re just starting to purchase one. It’s something you should have in the back of your mind though, especially with the larger toys. Being environmentally conscious is also great, so this might guide you to buying from a different manufacturer than you had originally planned to.

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