Measuring Your Penis for a Penis Pump

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When it comes to the tricky topic of penis size, many men shy away from the conversation. It has been a sign of manliness for centuries, and having a large penis is something we all desire. However, the reality is different, and most of us have an average sex organ.

Ordinary people do not have to have huge penises to enjoy sex or pleasure their partners. But if you still think that there is room for improvement in that regard, there are numerous tools to help you enlarge your manhood. There are reports of excellent results using both medication and penis pumps, so those are some things you can try if you are dissatisfied with your size.

Nonetheless, a few precautionary measures are in order before you start using any of the available products. Most tools on the market have to pass particular safety tests, but it is also imperative to find the one that suits your needs. In the case of penis pumps, size and functionality are essential.

Why It’s Important to Measure Your Penis Before Buying a Penis Pump

First, pumps come in different sizes, so finding the one that fits you prevents discomfort, injuries, and helps get the best results. Think of it as buying shoes. If the size is wrong, they will be useless, and therefore, a waste of money.

This may be the right time to explain how these pumps work. The mechanism is simple and consists of a cylinder in which you put your penis. A pump creates suction inside the cylinder, taking the air out. The organ then expands due to negative pressure.

The expansion draws the blood into the shaft, and the blood vessels receive more blood than they normally do. That produces excessive erection as an immediate result. Your penis will contract once the pump is removed. However, it will still be enlarged and harder compared to your usual size and firmness.

Studies show that with frequent use, a man can experience benefits in terms of length and girth. Bear in mind that this is not always the case, but for immediate results, pumps can be amazing.

Having said that, there are important aspects to consider before you get yourself a penis pump. The vital issue is the size of the pump, so you should pay close attention to it. If the device is too small, there will not be enough pressure, and the size of the erection will remain the same. In other words, there will be no space for your penis to grow.

If the pump is too big, you risk applying too much pressure. Over-pumping can cause tissue damage, discoloration, sore skin, and other problems. Though the symptoms are usually not serious and will pass, the idea behind pumping is to provide a pleasurable experience. Some users compare it to oral sex.

Whatever the reasons are behind the decision to start using the pump, you should always stay safe. That means you must study the instructions carefully. Though the principle is the same with every device, they tend to be slightly different. So never forget to read the manual. But before any of that even becomes a factor, the crucial question you should ask yourself is “how to measure your penis correctly” so that you could buy a pump that fits your size.

If you ever wondered how to measure penis size, you are not alone. Luckily, there is only one proper way to do it, so let’s get started!

Correct Way to Measure Penis Length

There are two numbers that we need to be able to determine what penis pump size fits us. Those are the length and girth of the organ. We will deal with how to measure penis length first.

It is best to get the measures in both flaccid and erect state, so you will need two sessions to get it right. To measure your flaccid penis length, you will only need a ruler.

  • You begin by holding the tip of the penis and pulling it away from the body without causing discomfort.
  • Once you did that, place the ruler at the base of the organ, and measure from the base to the tip.
  • It is important to press into the pubic bone, especially if you have a bit of a belly.

The method is the same for the erect penis, but you don’t have to pull it. The average size of a flaccid penis is around 3.61 in or 9.7 cm, while the average erect penis is about 5.16 in or 13.6 cm long.

The size of the flaccid organ can fluctuate and does not determine the size of the erect penis. In other words, it can really grow. Additionally, other body parts (hands, feet, nose, etc.) are not the indicators of one’s penis size.

If you are average or above, working on your length should not be important. However, pumps are basically designed to improve the firmness of the erection. That is why some guys that do not struggle with length still opt for using the pump to prolong the erection.

Correct Way to Measure Penis Girth

Although most women do not really obsess over huge tools, men somehow seem to be embarrassed if their size is not impressive. That may have something to do with porn that led us to believe that enormous is normal. Well, it’s not. If we think of basketball players, there is a good reason why they are on the field and most of us are not. Extreme height is pretty much essential for pro players. Consequently, the same principle can be applied to porn stars. The size does matter in their world.

Before we explain how to measure penis circumference (which is another word for girth), we must state that some experts consider it more important than length when it comes to sexual intercourse. For width, we will focus on the size during the erection.

You will need a soft measuring tape or a string for this. Make sure that you are not using materials that stretch because the result will not be precise.

  • Wrap the tape around the thickest part of the penis without tightening.
  • Make only one wrap and note where the ends of the tape meet.
  • If you are using a measuring tape, check the number where the ends meet. If you are using a string, make sure you mark the meeting point, lay it out, and check the size on a ruler.

This answers the question of how to measure penis girth. The average size is around 11.5 cm or 4.5 inches.

How Big Should Your Penis Pump Be?

There are numerous products on the market, and you should always do your research before you decide to invest in one of them. As we discussed, the first step is to determine the correct size to maximize the results and prevent injuries.

With multiple choices available, the sizes can be labeled differently. Sometimes, the manufacturer will use simple labels like M, L, or XL. They can also be expressed in centimeters or inches. There will always be a from-to range, and that is why you need to know how to properly measure your penis.

Once again, follow the instructions and get a pump that fits. Many people think that a bigger device will produce better results, but rest assured that it can only cause discomfort and potential harm. You do not want to deal with the pain and swelling. Also, any misuse means that you will have to abstain from pumping, and the idea is to use it at least three times a week. The penis pump cylinder size must be suitable to the size of the penis, and every brand will have the measures clearly stated.

What Size Constriction Ring Do You Need?

As we’ve said, the pump produces a massive erection, but once it’s removed, the penis will return to its normal size. If you would like to keep the effect, there is a tool called the penis constriction ring that helps you maintain it. Some people say that they can keep the erection throughout the entire intercourse by using the ring.

The way it works is simple. It is a rubber or leather ring that is placed right at the bottom of the penis shaft. Once you reach the erection and the blood is pumped into the penis, you put the ring on to prevent the blood from returning to the body. Thus, rigid erection is maintained.

The proper size of the penile constriction ring is a problematic issue. Though there are guidelines that can be helpful, many men will have to try out several options to find the one that works for them.

The crucial thing to understand when we talk about penis enhancement is that there are no miracles and that the results are temporary. Of course, with frequent use, you can improve a little bit, but don’t expect wonders. Penis pumps may be a solution if you are going for long-term growth, while the rings can really maximize their effect and the pleasure from it. They are easy to use, safe, and you won’t need a prescription.

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