How Often Should You Anal Douche?

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There’s a common question about anal douching that it’s hard to find a clear answer on: how often should you do it? It’s a difficult thing to properly answer, and even amongst doctors and the medical community you can find many different answers to the one simple question.

In this article, we’ll take these things apart, and try and leave you with a better idea of when you should be cleaning out your rectum.

How Often is Anal Douching Necessary?

This is a controversial topic. For most people, douching is never completely necessary.

When our bodies are operating at full efficiency they are very good at taking care of themselves. They can keep everything working properly and are completely capable of self-cleaning.

So, if our bodies can look after themselves, why would we bother douching?

One of the most common reasons people will anal douche is for medical reasons. Doctors can make recommendations to all kinds of people to anal douche for many different medical conditions. In particular, it can help a lot when you suffer from constipation.

When not looking at it from a medical perspective, each individual can have their own reasons. Some prefer to do it more often and feel much more comfortable in their bodies with a clean rectum. Others prefer to save it, only douching occasionally or on special occasions.

Who Should Douche More Often?

While there isn’t a hard and fast rule on how often you should douche, some people feel that they should do it more often than others. In general, the more anal activity you enjoy in your sex life, the more often you’re going to want to douche.

Activities with more extreme anal play like fisting or anal gaping can be a lot more comfortable with a clean rectum. Douching also plays a big part in the gay community, with many gay men accepting it as a completely normal part of their routine.

Others just simply prefer to do it more often. Finding faecal matter while trying to enjoy anal sex can be a massive turn off for some people. These people might prefer to douche before any session of anal activity.

Who Should Douche Less Often?

Some people might not need to douche as much as others. There are elements of your everyday life which can have an impact on this, such as your diet. Those of you who regularly eat large amounts of fibre and have healthy and consistent bowel movements, it’s unlikely you’ll need to douche at all.

Similarly, some people suffer from a variety of disorders that can affect their digestive system, their rectum, or even their anus.

If you do suffer from any of these disorders that can weaken your body, douching might not be ideal for you. In some cases, it can even make things worse. In any situation like this, you should check with your doctor before trying yourself.

Can You Douche Too Often?

When reading about anal douching online, you might have come across the term “excessive douching”. This is a real worry, as douching too frequently can have serious effects on your health.

All of our bowels contain a variety of healthy bacteria and flora that is unique to our bodies.

These help us to function properly, and when we douche we wash a lot of them away. With excessive douching, we never give our body time to recover these bacteria which leaves us more susceptible to rectal damage.

If You Aren’t Sure How Often to Douche…

Whenever you aren’t sure if you need to douche, there’s a simple way to check your rectum and see if it’s necessary. Simply take one of your anal sex toys, preferably a light coloured one, and insert it into your anus.

Leave it in for a short while and then remove it. If you can’t see any faecal matter on it then you probably don’t need to douche.

No matter how often you douche you should take care not to do it too often. If you feel any pain during the process, then stop immediately and take a break. Similarly listen to your body during and after the process as you might feel something isn’t right before you see it.

Having a clean rectum can be very important to you, but having a healthy one is a lot more important. 


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