Prostate Massagers

Everyone deserves to enjoy their sex lives, and men are no different! Unfortunately, many men across the globe spend their entire lives doing the same old things with their penis. Little do they know that there's a whole new world of pleasure just inside their body.

We are, of course, talking about the prostate gland. This little gem is found within a man's pelvic region, around two or three inches from the bottom of his torso. What some are finding out is that the prostate is an incredible source of sexual pleasure.

By stimulating the walnut-sized gland with sex toys, men can experience a completely different kind of pleasure. These feelings are unlike any stimulation you'd normally feel when masturbating, and if you practice, you may even be able to have a prostate orgasm! This is an extremely intense, full-body experience, which doesn't cause a refractory period, so men can even experience multiple, on-going orgasms.

These tools are specifically designed to internally cup & stimulate the prostate and provide the gland with targeted and intense stimulation. Each toy is different, and you'll need to spend some time finding your favorite.


How To Use Your Prostate Massager

The first rule of anal play is to take things slow. You may be tempted to rush, but your muscles will need to relax fully before you can enjoy it. Use plenty of lube & re-apply as necessary. 

Once you feel ready, push a little deeper and take another rest. Keep repeating this process until you’ve managed to get the entire toy inside.

Because most men are so unfamiliar with experiencing internal stimulation, the most important thing is to experiment. Trying different angles, depths, rhythms and pressures will allow you to find what feels best for you.

When you do find a technique that feels good, keep it steady & continue to apply the same pressure & rhythm. Avoid the temptation to rush as you would when typically masturbating.

It is important to remember that prostate orgasms are very different to regular, penile orgasms. They build up slowly over time and instead of one rush of pleasure, will be experienced as ever increasing sensations that will first be felt in your penis, then begin to spread all over your body.

Because of the high concentration of nerves in the anal region, discomfort may be experienced initially. If this happens, take a break for a few minutes before trying again. Staying relaxed and enjoying the experience is key to stopping discomfort.

Choosing The Best Prostate Massager For You

Choosing a prostate stimulator can be a tough challenge. With so many types available, you should focus on the features you find most attractive. We recommend experimenting with fingers to have an idea of the right size & shape as every mans body is different.

Most prostate toys vibrate, and these are always a safe bet as they can provide pleasure while you relax and do not even need to be moved inside.

Size is probably the most important consideration - We recommend experimenting with fingers to have an idea of the right size as every man's body is different.

Within our range of top-selling & highly recommended massagers, beginners may enjoy smaller and smoother options like This, while this provides a deeper and more targeted sensation.

Consider what is important to you, then look for a massager that can help you achieve the pleasure you're looking for.

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