Beginner Perfect Black Anal Beads
Beginner Perfect Black Anal Beads
Beginner Perfect Black Anal Beads
Beginner Perfect Black Anal Beads
Beginner Perfect Black Anal Beads
Beginner Perfect Black Anal Beads

Beginner Perfect Black Anal Beads

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Sex life is like a high school stage. You enter as a neophyte without any knowledge of what will happen as you go along, and you graduate full of experience on what you had gone through.

But sex, unlike in a school environment where you take the exams alone, requires a partner. If you're all by yourself, what could you have done?

Loneliness is not a problem ever. There are sex toys out there to help you fill your needs. And if you're new to using a sex toy to satisfy yourself, let us be your guide to your baby steps and offer you the Beginner Perfect Black Anal Beads. It's a tool for your butt made of soft and high-quality silicone that's perfect for novices like you.

Its smooth texture allows easy and pain-free insertion to your butthole and ensures your inside walls' safety. It also has five increasing beads incorporated along with a link, which forms a three-dimensional corrugated, wave pattern, that knocks your innards and brings so much pleasure within. Lastly, the link is attached to a circular handle for the easy pull from your behind.

It's amateur-friendly and easy to use! Apply a sufficient amount of grease, preferably the water-based one for a safer adventure, onto the beads' surface, and into your asshole, of course. Insert the head bead - the smallest one - into your rear hole, then followed by the second, until you reach your limit, as a beginner.

One tip, however, is to insert it deep enough to get the maximum pleasure. Push it forward, pull it backward, twist it while inside - do whatever you want to gratify yourself. And when you're about to cum, it's best to eject that milky and gooey jizz right while you slowly pull the beads out of your bootyhole. Hollie-Mollie, Guacamole! The feeling is so ecstatic!

After reaching the climax, wash the toy with warm water and mild soap, rubbing all the ribs very thoroughly. Disinfect it with alcohol, then store it in a sealed bag. Reuse it when you are feeling horny.

Great things start from small beginnings, and the Beginner Perfect Black Anal Beads is one helpful tool for you to become wilder. Get this now and add this to your cart!

Color Black
Material Silicone
Total Length: 8.27 inches (21 cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: Circular (Stretchable)
Beads: Ranges from 0.433 inch (1.10 cm) to 0.98 inch (2.50 cm) (increasing bead diameter)

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