Blackout Overload Rubber Mask

Blackout Overload Rubber Mask

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Foreplay is the most exciting part of sex. It's a routine wherein all your erogenous zones are played, teased, and stimulated. But if the teasing act turns into a habit, that's the time when it becomes less exciting.

Fortunately, you can spice up your teasing game by adding a bit of flavor to it. You may use kinky toys like vibrators, prostate massagers, and clamps to tease each other's sweet spots. But if you want to go extreme, you need to try some BDSM tools—like this Blackout Overload Rubber Mask! It will take your foreplay to the next level since this accessory covers the wearer's entire face. When her head is covered, she won't see, hear, nor smell what's around her. The only thing she can do is moan with pleasure as the mouth is the only one with an opening.

But before you jump into this kind of play, you need to talk to your partner first—even if you're both kinksters. That's because sensory deprivation isn't everyone's cup of kink, so be sure that she's into it, too. Also, don't forget to set the rules, the boundaries, and the gestures you and your partner will use. That way, you'll know if the act is too much for her.

Once you've sorted things out, it's time to get the scene started. Start by caressing your partner's body. Kiss her neck down to her shoulders, then squeeze and suck her juicy tits. Let your hands wander to her hot spots until she releases a sweet moan.

When it's time to take the game to the next level, you can wear this mask on her head and tie her limbs to the bed. Tickle her body, clamp her boobs, or whoop her ass—make her squeal with pleasure. Doing so will leave you and your sweetheart lost in kinky paradise.

Take your teasing game to new heights with this Blackout Overload Rubber Mask. Grab one now!


Color Black
Material Rubber
Dimension Head Circumference:
S – 22.05 inches
M – 22.44 inches
L – 22.83 inches
XL – 23.23 inches
XXL – 23.62 inches
Thickness: 0.02 inch