Cute Owl Nipple Rings

Cute Owl Nipple Rings

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Humans and birds share many things in common during copulation—many may not know of this. During mating sessions, they tend to brush their bodies against their partners. Call it cliché, but a little rub goes a long way. This is especially true when indulging in erotic, pleasurable sensations. If you are looking for creative and exciting ways to make your foreplays more satisfying, then you might want to invest in adding friction to the bedroom.

Lucky for you, your partner loves fidgeting. However, this poses a happy problem because you have to make sure that he remains fixated on your body by giving him something he can play with. Not counting your “permanent buttons” like your nipples and clitoris, what other things can you offer for your lover to toggle? Well, with the Cute Owl Nipple Rings, you can sit back and relax as your better half fiddles your tits.

This elegant piece is made of material that is completely safe for body use. With its 316L surgical steel bars, you are sure that it is rustproof and hygienic. They have a gauge size of 14G, which is standard for piercing delicate body parts like the navel and nipples. Picking a thicker bar like this will prevent piercing migration and rejection.

This trinket also comes with a nipple shield made of silver alloy. This elegant attachment resembles an owl, with black studs on its eyes and transparent gems on its wings. It has a hollowed body for your nipples to show through so that your lover can tweak and lick them. If you haven’t heard of the word nipplegasm, get ready for an out-of-body experience with these rings.

There’s no question about how lovely your boobies are, but they could be more delightful. Order the Cute Owl Nipple Rings today and send your lover to work!

Color Silver
Material 316L Surgical Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Bar: 0.71 inch (18 mm)
Owl Nipple Shield: 1.42 inches (36 mm)
Inner Diameter (Nipple Shield): 0.71 inch (18 mm)
Ball: 0.20 inch (5 mm)
Gauge Size 14G: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Package Inclusion 2 Pcs Nipple Rings