Double Trouble Brutal Sex Machine
Double Trouble Brutal Sex Machine
Double Trouble Brutal Sex Machine
Double Trouble Brutal Sex Machine

Double Trouble Brutal Sex Machine

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You like men the way you like your coffee. You hate coffee. If there's one thing you'd like to put straight, you're pretty sure it's not you.

You keep on telling your girlfriend how you are not attracted to the opposite sex, but she's still not having it. That's the thing with a woman-to-woman relationship; both can be a bitch. Worse, when the other gets jealous, you have to go to great lengths to assure her of your loyalty. Like today, for instance, she's acting up again. Does this mean your tongue will have a hard time tonight? Are you bringing out that strap-on again? Are you going to plug and charge those vibes in advance? The thought alone bums you out, so do yourself a favor and buy the Double Trouble Brutal Sex Machine. This will solve all your girl problems!

Sharing is caring, and this fuck machine is the perfect example of that. It is made of high-quality metal, which is better than brittle plastic material that might chip over time. Unlike the usual sex machines, this badass right here is a double-ended device so you and your lover can get at it at the same time. You don't have to take turns because this heavy-duty toy can handle you simultaneously.

The machine has a thrust speed of up to 5 strokes per second at a telescopic distance of 3 to 11.4 cm. Imagine how deep it can go and how easy it will be to tickle your G-spot. If you haven't had multiple orgasms yet, this joy toy will gladly take you for a ride! Simply assemble the stockade and adjust the angle of the rods to suit your preferred position.

The Double Trouble Brutal Sex Machine runs on a rated power of 100-240V; all you have to do is plug, play, and fuck away!

Color Machine: Black and Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length: 33.46 inches (85 cm)
Width/Diameter:  9.84 inches (25 cm)
Height:17.72 inches (45 cm )