Ebony Silicone Ass Beads
Ebony Silicone Ass Beads
Ebony Silicone Ass Beads
Ebony Silicone Ass Beads
Ebony Silicone Ass Beads
Ebony Silicone Ass Beads
Ebony Silicone Ass Beads
Ebony Silicone Ass Beads

Ebony Silicone Ass Beads

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Living in a fast-paced, modern world may sometimes make it impossible to achieve overall wellness. With different kinds of pressure here and there, you feel like losing your balance.

If you feel overwhelmed with what's going on, take a breather with the Ebony Silicone Ass Beads. The product promotes rejuvenation by stimulating the secretion of feel-good hormones through powerful orgasms. Ease up those tensed muscles and get plenty of sleep right after your wanking spree.

Make your solo moments extra hot and satisfying by matching them with your toys that stimulate your pussy or penis. Whatever your sexual orientation is, these beads are designed to go right into your butt for more exciting self-indulgence.

This pleasure enhancer features four candy-shaped beads of different sizes. The one at the tip is the smallest, and the second is the biggest. These are ideal for beginners as they can fit into a tight opening. Making it safe to use is the pull ring, which will save you from an embarrassing trip to the ER. Pull this ring slowly when you're about to climax because the popping sensations the beads create will intensify your orgasm.

These beads are safe to go inside your ass because they're 100% silicone. This material is phthalate- and BPA-free, so go ahead and push them in. This premium sex toy material is suitable for all skin types as it's hypoallergenic. What's more, it's non-porous, which means it's not a breeding ground for bacteria.

For pleasurable anal play, be generous when applying lube. Doing so eases insertion and extraction, and it makes the sensation sweeter. Skipping the lube can be painful and can damage sensitive tissues. It's also important to keep it clean and bacteria-free by washing it with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Keep all these in mind, and you're well on your way to wellness.

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Color Black
Material Silicone
Total Length: 7.87 in (20 cm)
Insertable length: N/A
Handle: 1.30 in (3.30 cm)
Beads: First: 0.55 in (1.40 cm), Second: 0.91 in (2.30 cm), Third: 0.79 in (2 cm), Fourth: 0.63 in (1.60 cm)


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