Fancy 5-Piece Bioplast Nipple Rings Set
Fancy 5-Piece Bioplast Nipple Rings Set
Fancy 5-Piece Bioplast Nipple Rings Set
Fancy 5-Piece Bioplast Nipple Rings Set

Fancy 5-Piece Bioplast Nipple Rings Set

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What you like about BDSM, like sensory deprivation plays, is the element of surprise it brings. You love the feeling of not knowing where your partner hit you, slap you, kiss you, and tickle you. You live this aspect, the excitement to the unknown, to your everyday life, too. You get surprised with the little things your man does to you, like suddenly pinching your nipples, pulling your titty rings in public, and many more.

'Want to get a surprise? Get the Fancy 5-Piece Bioplast Nipple Rings Set. You may know how many you will get, but you indeed don't have any idea how they look!

What you are only certain about is that the rings use bioplastic material. That's right! It does not use iron, which rusts, but plastic that's made from renewable resources like vegetable fats and oil, etc. You can sit back and relax that what you are piercing through your body is safe for use.

It is essential to know the size of the items you will receive to check if they fit your pierced part. So without further ado, know that each ring's diameter measures 0.31 of an inch, while the beads that come with it have 0.12. Its gauge size is 16G, or 0.05 inch, or 1.2 mm in SI units—the standard bar diameter for nipple piercing.

You are also guaranteed to receive not just a pair but five pieces of this gem! So, if you only have one punctured tit, you better call your piercer ready himself for another tunneling session!

Another clue about these pieces of nipple jewelry is they come in so many colors and designs. You can have marbled, striped, solid, checkered—name them all! So which one of these designs will you get? Will they all be the same hues and styles? One thing's for sure, the Fancy 5-Piece Bioplast Nipple Rings Set will give you full of surprises! Get yours now!

Color Random Color
Material Bioplast
Dimension Ring & Bead Diameters: 0.31 x 0.12 inch (8 x 3 mm)
Gauge Size: 16G: 0.05 inch (1.2 mm)
Package Inclusion 5 Pieces Nipple Rings