Frosty Gray Wolf Tail Butt Plug
Frosty Gray Wolf Tail Butt Plug
Frosty Gray Wolf Tail Butt Plug
Frosty Gray Wolf Tail Butt Plug

Frosty Gray Wolf Tail Butt Plug

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Be the foxiest little minx in bed with our Frosty Gray Wolf Steel Tail Plug. It doesn't matter if you have been experimenting with butt plugs for a long time now or still trying out these toys for the first time, this plug is an absolute must-have!

This plug has a very elegant synthetic fur attached to the base that will add a little animalistic flare in your bedroom games. The plug itself is made from premium stainless steel which promises safe and comfortable butt playing. As stainless steel is a very sturdy material, you can enjoy using this plug for a long time! You can also experiment with a little temperature play as steel can be a great heat or cold conductor that will be able to help you add a little kink through changing temperatures! Add a little blindfold into the mix and you have created a totally new way of enjoying this amazing toy.

You can enjoy a worry-free ass plugging as this toy has a featured flared base to safely lock it outside your ass. Plug it gently with lots of lube, then you can leave it there for an hour while you actively do your daily chores! The plug will deliver in great arousal as it can reach the deepest corners of the anal canal that have a lot of nerve endings. Then, let your partner take you, backside style, as your ass has all widened up after a good plug stretch. You will feel less pain and more pleasure as the plug has carefully prepared your ass for that anal sex goodness!

Don't have a partner, but want to enjoy this plug? Just plug the toy inside, touch your sensitive areas, and feel the dual stimulation take you to the edge!

Live your fantasies and grab this toy now!


Handle: Gray with White Streaks

Plug: Silver

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Synthetic Fur

Plug: Stainless Steel



Handle: N/A

Plug: N/A


Handle: N/A

Plug: 1.6 inches

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