Mysterious Female Latex Mask

Mysterious Female Latex Mask

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Attraction is intense when ambiguity is involved. Always remember that a woman written in mystery is worth a curiosity trip.

So if you want to keep your mysterious femme fatale image and be in control of your man, it is essential not to give him too much information about you. In that way, he won’t be able to define you. By subtly ingraining dominance, you can completely emasculate him. And before he even realizes the situation he has put himself in, you now have control over everything. When this happens, dress as the irresistible and wicked dominatrix. Don’t forget to use this Mysterious Female Latex Mask and slay any domme character you wish to portray.

Unlike their leather counterparts, a latex mask such as this one is less complicated to wear. It is supple and versatile enough to accommodate most head sizes. More so, it has a back zipper for easy wearing and quick release. For safety, make sure never to let your hair strands entangle with the zipper. In that way, you can remove the mask as soon as you feel uncomfortable. So if you are a fan of the minimalistic style of bondage hood, this latex mask is the best one for you. Other than that, it also boasts excellent quality, so you can rest assured that it offers lasting durability. It comes in a baby pink shade, giving it a feminine touch. And since your eyes and mouth are the only parts of your head that your sub can see, you shall remain as a mysterious lady.

To enjoy the play big time, it is highly advisable to use other tools to stay in character. So grab your whip or flogger. Tease and torture your sub simultaneously. Remember that his body is yours to inflict pleasurable pain. And the more that you step on his manly ego, the more you can expect sex to be hardcore.

Just like a puzzle of thousand pieces, you should always try to remain a mystery to every man you will meet. Make them go down on their knees and ask you for mercy. With that femme fatale charm, you will indeed drive them crazy! So what are you still waiting for? Add this mask to your cart today!


Color Baby Pink
Material Latex
Dimension Thickness: 0.02 inch (0.4 mm)

Head Circumference
XS: 19.09 inches
S: 20.07 inches
M: 23.03 inches
L: 24.02 inches
XL: 25.00 inches

Neck Circumference
XS: 12.01 inches
S: 12.01 inches
M: 14.76 inches
L: 15.94 inches
XL: 15.94 inches