Mysterious Stranger Sexy Eye Mask
Mysterious Stranger Sexy Eye Mask
Mysterious Stranger Sexy Eye Mask
Mysterious Stranger Sexy Eye Mask

Mysterious Stranger Sexy Eye Mask

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Masquerades have always fascinated you. Unfortunately, you've never been invited to any masquerade balls. What makes these events fascinating are the faces hiding behind the elegant or elaborate masks. And what draws your interest in these masks is the anonymity and mystery they create. You desperately want one, but Halloween and Christmas are still months away. Well, you don't need a special event to attend to wear one. Your bedroom is a perfect place to don a beautiful mask.

Look enigmatic and glamorous with our Mysterious Stranger Sexy Eye Mask, which comes in two options. The black variant is adorned with black sequins, and at the center of it is an intricate piece that punctuates the overall look of this stunning piece. A shimmery leather fabric cut into strips is attached to the lower part of the mask, creating a drapery that shrouds the nose, lips, and down to the chin.

The second variant is just as elegant as it's embellished with shimmering studs along the upper lining of the mask frame, and for a more dramatic effect, the same shiny square studs adorn each eye hole. A drapery made of copper chains hangs from the lower part of the mask. This beautiful drapery will sway with every move you will make. Try to belly dance with this eye mask on to turn him on big time.

You can't go wrong whichever you choose, or why not buy both variants if you have a hard time deciding which to get. Wear either with your black lingerie, your little black dress, or your birthday suit. Your partner will find it hard to resist once you invite him to go to bed and do something naughty and nice. Behind a mask, you can be a different persona, and this makes sex more exciting.

Can't wait? Hurry and grab yours now!


Color Black, Black with Silver
Material Black: Plastic, Sequins, Garment PU Leather
Black with Silver: Plastic, Studs. Metal
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: N/A