Open Face Latex Fetish Mask

Open Face Latex Fetish Mask

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If sex had a color, it's undeniably red. It screams lust and overpowering sensuality. Some people even believe that it symbolizes female sexuality in several ways. If this scarlet shade turns you on, then why not smother your partner's head with it? Diminish your sub's personality and replace it with this vibrant shade. Don't worry because this Open Face Latex Fetish Mask can help you make that happen.

This bondage tool features a latex hood in vibrant red. It can cover your partner's entire head but still leaving her face open. It means she can still use her eyes to witness how menacing of a dom you are. Her mouth will also still be able to moan and talk dirty. And because it's an open-faced mask, she can still breathe properly. These features make it a good bondage mask for beginners.

The material is latex - a very tensile and stretchable material that can conform to your partner's body. It will fit securely around her head without the help of zippers or other locks. And because of that, you can put more restraints around her head. You can deprive her of her sight by making her wear a blindfold. Stop her from talking back during your play by stuffing her mouth with a gag. However, be sure to discuss this first with your partner to make sure she's up for it as well.

And because this material is sensitive to heat, never tumble dry or iron this latex mask. You can wash it using a solution of lukewarm water with mild detergent soap. Rinse it well and hang it to dry. Reverse it to air dry to the other side as well. Keep it safely in a storage that is away from heat or sunlight.

If your sub's red lipstick and blush-on are not enough, then this Open Face Latex Fetish Mask will give her the touch you need. Add this to your cart now!


Color Red
Material Latex
Dimension Length: N/A
Head Circumference: 22.44 inches
Neck Circumference: 14.57 inches