Sex Party Fuzzy Cuffs

Sex Party Fuzzy Cuffs

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You've had quite a few during your dinner date, and now it's time for a nightcap. You're a little tipsy and thought it's fun to try something unorthodox. Using your belt, you placed your partner's wrists together and tied them tightly while you cruise through the night and make love. You both enjoyed it, and you'd like to make bondage officially a part of your bedroom play. Aside from her consent, you'd also like to get a proper tool to restrain her during sex. Lucky for you, these Sex Party Fuzzy Cuffs are easy to use and friendly for beginners too.

These animal-print hand restraints share a similarity to those cuffs that cops use to subdue a criminal, but they are not as rigid. The wrist cuffs have a furry fabric cover, so they won't hurt your partner's wrists even if you intend to use them for a long time. The synthetic fur will feel soft and silky on her skin. You can quickly lock it but make sure to keep the key in a safe place before you do so. Its animal-print design can match any play. Whether be it pet-play or a criminal-cop role play, this pair of cuffs is perfect for you. Upgrade your kinky games and add more accessories like a pair of fake animal ears or making your sub wear a tail butt plug. Adding more restraints can also make your bondage play more electrifying, which means you can use this cuff with a collar, a gag, or ankle cuffs.

However, never jump to conclusions and think that all the things you like are okay with your partner. Always get consent and discuss the theme and intensity of your play before getting started. Don't forget to agree on a safe word or safe gesture that can trigger a halt when things are getting too intense.

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Color Animal Print
Material Metal
Synthetic Fur
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A