Shameful Leather Slave Muzzle

Shameful Leather Slave Muzzle

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Talking back is something you don't tolerate as a dom. It requires immediate and merciless punishment. And if you want to teach your sub a lesson about keeping her mouth shut, there's no better way to do that than this Bondage and Punishment Slave Muzzle.

There are times when your sub forgets her place and talks whenever she's not supposed to. Don't let these situations go, and discipline your sub before she turns into a brat. Like a loud animal, you need to put a muzzle around her mouth. Using this Bondage and Punishment Slave Muzzle will give her a punishment to remember.

This muzzle may seem like a fashionable mask at first glance. With its voguish design and metal studs, a non-kinkster might think that it's modern fashion gear. On the contrary, this mask's purpose is to deprive and humiliate. This synthetic leather mask has adjustable straps that go around and above the wearer's head, making it suitable for most head sizes. This design also prevents her from moving her jaw to make a sound. It's a veneer that will cover the lower half of her face, so you can still see the pain and struggle in her eyes. Behind the mask is a ball gag that will fill her mouth and make her drown in her own drool. And as if that's not sadistic enough, you can even humiliate her more using the metal O-ring at the front. You can put more restraints and bondage tools using this O-ring. Drag her in your dungeon like a dog and attach a leash to this ring. Chained nipple clamps can also amplify the torture. Whichever way you intend to upgrade your play is totally up to you. Don't worry because this mask still has a space for her nose, so she can still breathe even when there's an obstruction in her mouth.

Giving punishment is part of your role as a dom. Do it the right way and get this muzzle now!


Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Mouth Cover: 4.33 inches
Vertical Strap: 7.87 inches
Vertical Strap: 14.17 inches
Horizontal Strap: 7.09 inches
Front Strap: 4.72 inches
Chin Strap: 4.72 inches
Horizontal Strap with Buckle: 6.5 inches
Chin Strap with Buckle: 3.74 inches
Mouth Cover: 2.56 inches
Ball's Diameter: 1.65 lbs.